Is Your Website Converting Visitors into Customers?

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For businesses today, having a website isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. As traditional business morphs into a new kind of digital marketplace, a website is the best — and possibly only — way to attract new prospective clients and customers.

But is your current website generating the conversions your business needs to be successful? In other words, when people find your website, do they like what they see so much that they instantly become lifelong fans of your business?

Hard Numbers

If the answer is “Maybe” or “I sure hope so”, that’s not good enough in today’s business environment. There’s simply too much competition on the digital landscape to accept mediocrity or uncertainty when it comes to your online profile. Successful businesses need a constant and continual feedback loop on the effectiveness of their conversions. Without the continual flow of information about your business’s digital performance, it’s like running a ship without a rudder.

Lytron Design specializes in creating, improving, and streamlining commercial websites so that they provide constant accurate data streams. Now you can get the feedback you need to ensure your business is attracting more customers, maximizing conversions, and growing both the size and reputational quality of your business.

Too Much at Stake

The signs that the old ways are ending and a new digital era is upon us are evident everywhere. Shopping malls are closing. Once powerful newspapers ad radio stations are teetering on the brink of obscurity. Meanwhile, web-centric businesses are flourishing as consumers seek easier, more efficient ways to get the products and services they want.

If your business website isn’t keeping up with the times, you may soon find yourself on the wrong side of history. Lytron Design has the experience, knowledge, and ambition to thrust your business into the forefront of the 21st Century digital marketplace.

How do you measure success? Let Lytron Design give you the data-driven direction that helps you connect and convert customers.

Engagement Is More Important than SEO

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Fort Lauderdale Web Design Results DrivenThe internet as we know it actually hasn’t been around all that long. It’s easy to forget that just 10 or 15 years ago going online required longer download/upload times, frequent system crashes, and sites that featured mostly text instead of streaming. Not to mention that mobile web browsing was practically non-existent.

Today, things are a lot different. So the way businesses attract new online customers needs to be different, too. Today, engagement with site visitors is way more important than stuffing your website and pages with SEO to attract more people.

Content over Keywords

Remember early webpages that featured keywords stuffed into nook and cranny so they would be more attractive to search engine algorithms? Back in the early 2000s, the only way to get people to land on your site was to have the best keywords in all the right places.

Today, the algorithms that power Google, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, and other powerful global search engines have adapted to the times. Their creators realize that internet users don’t want to land on pages that are all but unreadable because they are “SEO stuffed”. Instead, algorithm coders understand that people want high-quality content that they can genuinely engage with in meaningful ways. So they have adapted their search engines to reflect these preferences.

Future of SEO

SEO is still important. It’s just not as important as engagement with content people actually want. Successful web page designers today value quality over quantity. They consider how people will interact with their websites once they land there rather than simply trying to attract as many people as possible with SEO stuffing and other outdated techniques.

There’s still a place for SEO, keywords, and other traffic tools. But all these things need to take a backseat to content and engagement in today’s online superhighway.

Engage Prospective Customers with Useful Information

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Portrait of a cheerful couple shopping online. Technology, e-commerce, banking conceptRegardless of what type of business you are in, there inevitably is going to be a lot of competition. It doesn’t matter if you own a multinational conglomerate or a local small business, there will always be only a limited pool of potential customers. And in order to succeed, you need to attract more than your competitors.

In the Information Age, the most effective way to capture your intended audience is by providing people with helpful information they can use in their everyday lives. When you “give away” things like tips, actionable advice, and recommendations to prospective customers, they are more likely to choose your business over your competitors and then keep coming back again and again.

Blog Posts

One of the most effective ways to engage new customers is by creating original, informational blog posts. A blog post can include useful information about your industry, your products, or even your business itself. And once you build a library of helpful, interesting blog posts, you can distribute them over and over again to new customers on multiple platforms, including social media, direct text messaging, and even on your company website.

Timeless, evergreen blog posts can engage and help build loyalty with new customers for years to come, creating trust bonds that encourage people to return to your business again and again.

Lytron Design

Lytron Design creates and distributes informative, original blog posts that are directly relevant to industry and business. We’ve helped dozens of small businesses define their brand, expand their client list, and engage new customers using the highly effective tools of the Information Age. And we can do the same for your small business.

In today’s digital landscape, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition you need to give people something they can use. Blog posts help attract new, long-term customers to your small business by offering helpful information they can apply to their everyday lives.

Your Logo Is a Visual Symbol of Your Business

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Golden Ration Brand Identity LogoMost people are familiar with some of the most popular logos in the world. These include logos like McDonald’s golden arches, Starbucks’ happy green mermaid, and The Walt Disney Company’s ubiquitous mouse ears.

But what makes these logos so effective, so familiar, and so enduring? The answer may surprise you.

The Power of the Logo

In essence, a logo is a visual representation of everything a company strives to be. It instantly and often wordlessly stamps an indelible message into the mind of the viewer. A powerful, effective logo tells people, “This company is good. This company can be trusted. And this company is worthy of your loyalty.”

Logos help consumers differentiate one product from another. But they also do a whole lot more.

A strong, effective logo creates an identity for a business, one that consumers can embrace, value, and even make part of themselves. Popular brands like Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, and Addidas are often seen on t-shirts, hats, and other items fans of those companies can show off and make part of their own identities.

Your Company’s Logo

If your company doesn’t currently have a logo, you may be missing out on an enormous opportunity to expand your customer base, build lifelong customer loyalty, and create global brand exposure for your business.

If you have a logo already but it hasn’t captured the attention you expected, it may be because it is ineffective or fails to engage with the people you want to attract to your business. A new logo can help create a positive new identity for your business, your products or services, and for everything you value.

Logos alone won’t create success. But they are a critical part of overall branding. Lytron Design specializes in helping small businesses just like yours create effective, magnetic logos and other branding strategies that create measurable results.

The Importance Of Backlinks

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You may have done everything but still you’re not satisfied with the direction your business is going. It’s true that your website has all the necessary attributes to make it to the big time, but still there’s something holding it back.  And maybe you’re suspecting that your backlinks are not working as they should. It’s time for you to get professional help. You can’t afford to stay where you are on the ranking page when your competitors are now ahead of you.


Your website’s relevance is tied to the search engine and your backlinks play a big role in the SEO rating.

Hitching your website on backlinks which are highly regarded will give your website added prestige.  Backlinks are equivalent to road signs going to your website. The more you have of them the more your website will be easier to find. That’s the main reason why backlinks are important for SEO. But too many backlinks may also make your website prone to spam.


What does your website need in order to increase your backlinks? Give the consumers the opportunity of knowing your products and services better by sharing them through social media. The interaction is more intimate and there is the personal rapport which later becomes friendlier in nature and you get more visits. And the proverbial excellent web content will further boost your stock among other websites.  All these and more such as participating in forums and giving time to attend seminars give you a sense of authority when it comes to your product lines.


Other websites would like to associate with winners, and you portray yourself as one by following those sure measures I just mentioned above. Are you up to it? Do you want to do it alone? Do you think you can take on your rivals without professional help? The answers to these questions are crucial to the survival of your online business.


Building your website will require money, time, and effort.  Don’t hold back on it. Those backlinks will be the deciding factor whether your business will continue to survive or will crash out from the online scene. Your product and service exposure will depend a lot on how well your backlinks relate to your website.



There are many ways of obtaining links, and if you’re not really familiar with it you may end up losing them because of the techniques you used.

One very big no-no is buying them.  It’s considered a black hat technique and the punishment is swift and harsh. Your website will get deleted. Excessive guest posting may also link you to web pages which are promoting spam. And you may find yourself linked to a website with nothing to do with your product.

Seeking professional help will not only ensure that you get the proper links, they will also help you avoid the pitfalls of improper link build up. You can concentrate with your business without any distractions. And as you continue doing it, you will start to feel the effects of your backlinks as more and more people visits your website and buy your products and services.

In the 21st Century, Businesses Need an Online Presence

In the 21st Century Businesses Need an Online Presence

We are only 20 years into the 21st Century and already life has changed enormously, especially in commerce.


We are on the verge of having self-driving cars and trucks, packages that are delivered to our doorsteps by robotic drones, and widespread automation in both the home and the workplace.


Despite all these futuristic technological advances, one thing hasn’t changed for business owners: If you don’t continually attract and engage new customers, your business isn’t going to be successful.


Creating an Online Presence


Today’s consumers are looking for the products and services they want online. That’s a modern business fact. So if you are relying on outdated methods to attract new customers such as print media marketing, costly radio or TV ads, or direct mail, you may not be getting the most for your marketing dollar.


A better approach today is to cultivate an online presence using a business website, especially one that is mobile friendly. You also need a comprehensive web-based marketing campaign that includes SEO, a heightened social media presence, and an aggressive approach toward actively attracting and engaging Internet users who have shown an interest in the types of products and services you offer.


Building Your Web-Based Business


This is where “Lytron Lead Generation” can help. We specialize in heightening the online identity of both existing and new businesses. We have worked with dozens of clients both in South Florida and throughout the US establish, promote, and expand web-based business solutions that produce profitable results.


We can help you create a website, expand your social influence, and attract new customers both online and in the real world.


The 21st Century will continue to create new high-tech opportunities for businesses that are willing to adapt. “Lytron Lead Generation” can help your business optimize your response to these advancements to build your business and expand your online presence.

The Purpose of SEO Is to Attract Page Visitors Web

The Purpose of SEO Is to Attract Page Visitors

Web content has undergone a transformation in just the past couple of years. A decade or five years ago, many web designers were focused on creating blogs, web pages, or other text-based content for page visitors to read.


But thanks to the explosion in streaming video services, technological advancements in data storage and bandwidth, and the enhanced abilities of the new generations of smartphones and other devices, today’s web designers and content creators are increasingly using video, animation, and even virtual reality on their websites.


Despite this high-tech shift, one thing remains the same: People still find the content they want using keyword searches. As a result, SEO is just as important as ever.


Keywords and Phrases


What people do when they land on your web page may have evolved in recent years, but the way they arrive there hasn’t really changed that much in the past couple of decades. Page visitors usually start on one of the big search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! and then input key words or phrases related to what they want to find.


Search engines use elaborate, sophisticated algorithms to search through the billions and billions of pages on the web to find the ones that best match the key phrases and words inputted by the person searching. To get them to land on your pages — whether it features text content, video, or anything else — you need to make sure you are including these key words and phrases in the appropriate places on your page, on its address, in its descriptions, and in other important places.


The More Things Change …


What type of content you offer on your web pages isn’t all that important to search engines. What really matters is that the pointers you use to direct people to your page meet their criteria.


Despite the increasing complexity of the web, one thing remains straightforward: Give search engines the SEO they want and you will get a lot of visitors. Fail to use the right keywords in the right places, and you won’t. It’s that simple.


Where Should You Promote Your Website?


Even if your business has the greatest website ever built, it’s not doing any good unless people are looking at it. So web design is only half the battle. The other half is web promotion.


In order to attract the most visitors, your website should be promoted in both the virtual world and in the real world.


Where Should You Promote Your Website? Online Marketing


By this point, there have been volumes written about how to promote your website online. These types of online marketing can include search engine optimization, keywords, and both free and paid online ads.


The benefit to online marketing is that a little work or a small investment can go global. For example, promoting your website on a friend’s Facebook account or cross-marketing on your social media platforms can provide

exponential exposure.


Where Should You Promote Your Website? Real World Marketing


But marketing in the virtual world isn’t enough. In order to maximize the number of visitors to your web pages, it’s important that you promote it in the real world as well.


This can include such simple things as including your website address on all of your correspondence, including emails and direct mail marketing. But you also should be creative in looking for every opportunity to get your web address out in front of the public, such as putting it on banners, signs, or even balloons or t-shirts.


In fact, anything tangible that you can give to somebody has more value than simply posting your website somewhere. It’s practically impossible for people to remember all the web addresses they see every day. But if you can give them something they can take with them and refer back to later, they are going to be more likely to actually visit your web page.


Getting the most visitors to your Website requires both virtual and real-world marketing efforts.

Without a Website, Who Can Find Your Business?

Without a Website Who Can Find Your Business

Businesses today need to have an online presence. The days of opening a storefront and waiting for customers to discover your business are long gone.


Today, nearly all customers search for the products and services they want online. And why wouldn’t they? It’s faster, easier, and more efficient. And today more than ever, people are all about getting things done quickly.


 The Amazon Effect


Think of your own shopping habits. If you are like most people, the percentage of products you order online has gone up significantly just in the past couple of years.


Part of that has to do with innovative companies like Amazon, which is constantly developing ways to make buying from their website irresistible. Whether it’s promoting voice-activated devices like the Amazon Echo or floating the idea of drone deliveries, Amazon is leading the way in online ordering.


And other companies are following suit. Right now, retail businesses and the service industry are in the midst of a digital revolution. And no business can afford to sit on the sidelines.


Without a Website, Who Can Find Your Business? The Digital Revolution and Your Business


What does that mean for your business? While you may not have the bottomless resources for research and development that Amazon does, you can start somewhere. And for most businesses, that includes a website that customers can access online from their mobile devices.


Click and order retail is the future of business, whether you like it or not. Businesses that don’t embrace this future are going to find out the hard way whether or not they are on the losing side of history.


When you are ready to boost your business’s online presence and take part in the digital revolution that is going on around you, “Lytron Lead Generation” can help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the online presence that will put your business in front of prospective web-based customers.


Without a Website, Who Can Find Your Business.

Does SEO Even Matter Anymore?

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When the internet first became popular, the name of the game for small businesses was search engine optimization or SEO for short. These are the techniques web builders can use to improve the odds of their websites being ranked high on Google, Bing!, Yahoo and other popular search engines.


Beginning in the late ’90s and continuing until just a few years ago, most people used these search engines for school, work, and social purposes. But most importantly for businesses, they also used Google and the others to find the products and services they wanted.


So using SEO to get your business ranked at the top of the search engine results pages for the keywords that best describe your business was critical to your online success.


The Rise of the Mega Monsters


Flash forward to today, when a handful of big online retailers have essentially taken over the marketplace. Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, and a handful of others are the go-to websites for the majority of consumers who want to buy products. And apps like Uber, StubHub, Tinder, and other big players have taken over specialized online services.


So where does that leave your business and SEO? Does it even matter anymore?


The answer is: Yes! While most small businesses are never going to be able to compete with the scale or variety of products offered on sites like Amazon, they can still use SEO to attract local customers looking for specialized products and services that are specific to their business.


SEO in the past few years


For example, a consumer seeking to buy a new winter coat, might simply use Amazon or Wal-Mart. But if your business offers a specific brand of coat or coats that serve a certain audience such as long-distance runners, or customers in your specific geographic region, you can still use the web to capture that core customer using SEO techniques.


Mega online retailers may have exploited the internet to attract the lion’s share of web customers, but your business can use the same SEO techniques Amazon and others use to find the prospective customers and clients who are seeking the specific products and services you offer.