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Social Media Marketing

Save time. Boost revenue. Impress clients.


What is social media brand management doing to your business right now?

When you read, see or hear the traditional ads you are bombarded with facts. It’s a one way street. It’s from them to you. Social media is different. It’s more an interactive approach. You are allowed to discover what the product has to offer and decide whether you like it or not. When you like it, the word of mouth spreads and nothing can beat it.

Social media use all kinds of systems possible. You have the comments, the like, dislike, and chat that goes with it. Group members may ask one another about the advantages and disadvantages of a product. And it means more products sold.

Increase Brand Awareness

Reach new and highly targeted potential customers that can become brand advocates.

Humanize your Brand

Creating real emotional  connection is one of the best benefits of social media.

Build Customer Loyalty

Your brand is more than a pretty logo. Speaking your customer’s language will help you both to connect deeper. Your customer is more than a consumer, he/she has dreams and aspirations and your brand should spend time and resources to show you really care. As you do this, they will come back for more and they will share their experience with their network and online.

Help you with your sales Funnel

Many customers evaluate your brand value and tone of voice by going to your social media and see your posts, comments and overall interaction.

Increase Market Reach

When you target the right audience, use retargeting techniques and integrate social media to other strategies, you can reach your ideal customer with precision

Reduce Marketing Costs

Traditional Advertising is more expensive than digital marketing

Increase Traffic to your Website

Traffic is one of the factors helping your business to better position itself on Google.

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Increase your credibility by constantly posts on your social feed increasing followers. We create copywriting content, graphic design, video production, scheduling, posting, boosting, and results from the analysis.

Setup: $450 (including initial photoshoot, briefing for feed concept, content and design)

1 post a week: $295 + Photoshooting = $365

3 posts a week: $495 + Photoshooting = $595
6 posts a week: $ 715 + Photoshooting = $845

Price without Photoshooting$295.00$495.00$755.00
Price with Photoshooting$365.00$595.00$895.00
Photoshoot2 hours3 hours4 hours
Posts per Week247
Brand Audit
Strategic consulting
Competitive Analysis
Hashtag Analysis
Content Writing
Graphic design
Filters application
Harmony of the Feed
Post scheduling
Authority Building
Organic Growth
Increase in Followers
Real engagement
Sharing in Groups
Audience Interaction
Initial Boosting Budget Suggestion$50.00$75.00$100.00