Your Logo Is a Visual Symbol of Your Business

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Golden Ration Brand Identity LogoMost people are familiar with some of the most popular logos in the world. These include logos like McDonald’s golden arches, Starbucks’ happy green mermaid, and The Walt Disney Company’s ubiquitous mouse ears.

But what makes these logos so effective, so familiar, and so enduring? The answer may surprise you.

The Power of the Logo

In essence, a logo is a visual representation of everything a company strives to be. It instantly and often wordlessly stamps an indelible message into the mind of the viewer. A powerful, effective logo tells people, “This company is good. This company can be trusted. And this company is worthy of your loyalty.”

Logos help consumers differentiate one product from another. But they also do a whole lot more.

A strong, effective logo creates an identity for a business, one that consumers can embrace, value, and even make part of themselves. Popular brands like Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, and Addidas are often seen on t-shirts, hats, and other items fans of those companies can show off and make part of their own identities.

Your Company’s Logo

If your company doesn’t currently have a logo, you may be missing out on an enormous opportunity to expand your customer base, build lifelong customer loyalty, and create global brand exposure for your business.

If you have a logo already but it hasn’t captured the attention you expected, it may be because it is ineffective or fails to engage with the people you want to attract to your business. A new logo can help create a positive new identity for your business, your products or services, and for everything you value.

Logos alone won’t create success. But they are a critical part of overall branding. Lytron Design specializes in helping small businesses just like yours create effective, magnetic logos and other branding strategies that create measurable results.