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What’s more important to a successful website: Engaging and attractive images or great written content that successfully captures in words the message you are trying to express? The answer is neither. The overall tone or “feel” of the website is the one thing visitors will notice most.

Words and pictures contribute to the tone. But so do intuitive design, ease of use, layout, and a hundred other elements. Putting them all together into one cohesive, effective web page is the secret to online success.

True Value

You can spend a fortune on licensed images or pay a content writer a bundle of money to create great descriptive copy, but none of that is going to be worth anything if your website’s tone isn’t instantly and immediately clear to the first-time visitor. The truth is nobody is going to spend enough time on your website to notice your great pictures and flowery words if they don’t feel comfortable from the moment they arrive there.

Professional web designers understand that a great web page is more than just the sum of its collective parts. It’s the way they all fit together to offer visitors a unique and engaging experience that adds genuine value to their ability to interact with your business. And that’s what Lytron Web Design specializes in providing its clients.

More than a Feeling

It’s important to remember that people land on your web page because they want to be there. They are actively searching for a company or entity that is providing exactly the type of product or service you are offering. But it’s also important to note that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of other web pages offering exactly the same thing.

Getting people not only to stay but to keep coming back again and again requires the perfect balance of tone, words, pictures, design, and a myriad of other elements available from Lytron Web Design.

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