Even if your business has the greatest website ever built, it’s not doing any good unless people are looking at it. So web design is only half the battle. The other half is web promotion.


In order to attract the most visitors, your website should be promoted in both the virtual world and in the real world.


Where Should You Promote Your Website? Online Marketing


By this point, there have been volumes written about how to promote your website online. These types of online marketing can include search engine optimization, keywords, and both free and paid online ads.


The benefit to online marketing is that a little work or a small investment can go global. For example, promoting your website on a friend’s Facebook account or cross-marketing on your social media platforms can provide

exponential exposure.


Where Should You Promote Your Website? Real World Marketing


But marketing in the virtual world isn’t enough. In order to maximize the number of visitors to your web pages, it’s important that you promote it in the real world as well.


This can include such simple things as including your website address on all of your correspondence, including emails and direct mail marketing. But you also should be creative in looking for every opportunity to get your web address out in front of the public, such as putting it on banners, signs, or even balloons or t-shirts.


In fact, anything tangible that you can give to somebody has more value than simply posting your website somewhere. It’s practically impossible for people to remember all the web addresses they see every day. But if you can give them something they can take with them and refer back to later, they are going to be more likely to actually visit your web page.


Getting the most visitors to your Website requires both virtual and real-world marketing efforts.

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