Life’s a Beach. Enjoy It!

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Life’s a Beach. Enjoy It! One of the best things about living and working in Florida is that you are never more than an hour or two’s drive from the beach. Pretty much any direction you go — except due north — if you just keep going, sooner or later you are going to run into an ocean.

Florida also has some of the best weather of anywhere in the world. So not only are you constantly near a beach, but it’s also going to be warm enough to enjoy it.

Break Out of Your Normal Routine

Despite this, there are still plenty of people living in Florida who rarely put their feet in the ocean’s warm waters. In fact, many Floridians follow the same routine over and over again, never escaping the dullness of their everyday lives.

And that’s too bad because living in Florida truly is a blessing. Sure, it can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, the southern tip of the state is mostly impenetrable swamp, and a lot of crazy things tend to happen here.

But Florida is still one of the best places to live for a lot of reasons besides all of its beaches. Although they certainly make it a lot better.

Pick Up and Go

Right now is one of the best times of the year in Florida. While the state is still warmer than just about anywhere else up north, it’s has not yet gotten so hot and humid to the point where you even need to turn on your air conditioning if you don’t want to.

While the beaches can fill up during spring break, especially those near the places college students traditionally visit for their annual partying, pretty soon you can mostly have them to yourself. Just be patient.

Life’s a Beach. Enjoy It! –  Living and working in Florida is the best. We all need to appreciate it more.