Inspire Creativity with Your Workspace

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Having a workstation that promotes creativity and success is important if you have a job in which creative thinking skills are important, such as a graphic designer or web design professional.


But regardless of your job, most people spend a lot of time at work, so you might as well have an environment that is comfortable and puts you in a good mood so you can be more productive.


Get Some Boxes


Start transforming your workstation by getting a few storage boxes you can use to organize your office and clear out the clutter.


Buy plastic or cardboard boxes at any office supply or home improvement store or get some boxes for free from your local grocery store or other retail business.


Get Rid of the Clutter


The first step is to clean everything off the surface of your desk, other than your computer and telephone. As you are removing each item, ask yourself this question: “Have I touched this particular report/paperwork/other type of clutter in the past week?” If the answer is “yes”, put it into one pile. If the answer is “no”, put it into another.


Most of the items in your “no” pile can be stored away or thrown out. This is especially true if they are printed duplicates of reports or paperwork you already have stored in your computer or can access online.


The majority of the items in your “yes” pile also can be stored or tossed. Unless a particular report or paperwork or other item is something you absolutely need to have access to today, right now, then it has no business being on your desk.


Lighting Your Way


Lighting is an area that is often overlooked but actually can have a profound effect on both the appearance and productivity of your workspace.


You should have two separate sources of light into your room: One from an overhead lighting fixture — or, even better, from a natural light sources such as a window —  and the second should come from a task light.


 Have a Focal Point


Having a focal point in your workspace directs your attention so that you can more easily keep on task. For many people, this is the laptop or PC at your workstation, but it also can be something like a calendar, a to-do list or something else that keeps you on track.