One of the first decisions in creating your new website is also one of the most important: What to name it.


The name you choose for your new website will affect how easy it is for people to find, how simple it is to remember, and how popular it will be months or even years from now.


So you want to choose your new website name carefully. Here are some tips to help you choose wisely.


Tips for Naming Your Website – Use a Reputable Registrar


There are many online registrars that can sell you a domain name. But not all are created equal.


While some offer competitive pricing or special deals, trying to cut corners on something as important as your domain name isn’t always the best idea. A better plan is to use a reputable online registrar so you can avoid future problems such as the registrar going out of business or selling your domain to somebody else later on.


You also want to make sure you use a registrar that has good customer service. If there is a problem with something as important as your domain name, you want to be able to get somebody on the line to fix it right away because your whole business could be on the line.


 Your Company Name


Whenever possible, you want to get your company name in the domain name. But if somebody else has already purchased the domain name for your company, what are your options?


One is to offer to buy it from the current domain name holder. Some companies will buy up domain names on the speculation that other companies will want them later.


Another option is to use a different suffix than .com. While .com is the most recognizable, there actually are hundreds of other suffixes you can now use, including .store, .shop, .financial, and even .nyc.

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