Why is web design so essential for your small business? In the modern age, every business needs to have an online presence. When a potential customer or client first hears about your business, they are likely to search for additional information about your products or services. Without a website, you could be losing sales leads and missing out on a large segment of the population.


Find out why you need more than just a Facebook page to promote your small business.


Social Media is Not Enough


When you first start a small business, you may think that creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account will be enough to promote and market your business. While you should still utilize social media as a method of reaching more customers, a website provides the best method of representing your business online.


At the most basic level, a website is an online business card for your business. It provides visitors with contact information and other details. It helps to differentiate you from your competition. Having a website has become standard practice for businesses in the modern world.


Choosing to rely solely on social media will make your business appear less professional or legit – anyone can set up a Facebook page in a matter of minutes. It is difficult for customers to verify that the information provided is correct.


Promote Your Products or Services


Using web design to create a website for your small business also helps you promote your products or services. As mentioned, a website could be as basic as a one-page online business card. Though, you can also create individual pages for your various products or services. These pages can provide detailed information, offering potential customers and clients with informative content about the benefits of your products or services.


Even though you could create a Facebook post containing some of this information, it will not have the same impact as providing a full explanation on your website and then posting a summary through social media – with a link back to your website.


In the end, social media is a useful tool for reaching more customers, but it is most effective when combined with the use of a professionally designed website. If you have not yet created a website for your small business, consider contacting a reputable web design company today.

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