Everyone visits websites every day. But not all websites convert: That is, actually get visitors to spend money.


Here are three fast and simple things you can add to your website to make them more profitable:


Members Only Area


Exclusivity is a time-honored sales technique. It’s human nature for people to want to be part of the elite group, whether it’s a country club membership, getting into the hottest velvet rope nightclub … or being allowed into the “Members Only” are of your website.


Allow visitors to qualify for this upgrade if they provide you with contact information like an email address or phone number. They’ll be happy because they gained VIP status and you can use their contact information for future marketing campaigns.


3 Design Elements that Can Increase Your Website’s Profitability – Urgent Calls to Action


In action movies, a common trope to create a sense of urgency is a countdown clock. Whether it’s a ticking time-bomb or the countdown to a missile launch, audiences will always cheer for the hero when there is a sense of urgency.


You can do the same thing by adding urgency to the Calls to Action (CTAs) on your web pages by including a countdown to an expiration for an offer or limiting special pricing or offers at a certain number of people. This is often all “window shoppers” often need to be pushed into a buying decision.


3 Design Elements that Can Increase Your Website’s Profitability – Encourage Comments – Ecommerce – Marketing


The Comments section of your blog or web page offers an opportunity for people to interact with your brand, company or products. Always encourage visitors to leave comments and make sure you respond in a timely mannner and ask a follow-up question so they can interact with your web page again.


High comment counts are one of the things Google and other search engines consider when ranking your pags. So make sure you add a “Subscribe to Comments” option as well.

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