The purpose of any business email is to convince readers to take some sort of action, whether it is to sign up for a special offer, buy a product or respond with specific information.


The most important part of your emails is the Call to Action (CTA), or what it is you want people to do after reading your email. Your CTA could be clicking through to your website, buying a particular product, or visiting your store in person.


The CTA should be clearly stated as unambiguously as possible within the body of your email.


 Keep It Brief


People today find emails to be an inconvenient yet necessary part of communicating with other people. The novelty of reading a digital letter rather than a real one wore off a long time ago. So people don’t have a lot of patience for emails that are long on content but short on substance.


In addition to clearly stating your CTA, make sure your emails get to the point quickly. And use brief sentences or bullet points whenever possible.


Reaching More People with Your Email Marketing – Every Word Matters


People usually go through their emails when they are busy doing something else. Because they have a short attention span, you have only a few moments to get the point of your email across. That means every word has to count.


Good persuasive writing understands what motivates the reader. As you write your email, keep in mind what it is your reader hopes to get out of it. It’s your job to convince them that their best interests are at the heart of the email and that your email serves some clearly defined purpose, such as solving a problem that they are having.


Writing an effective email can be a great way to engage your customers efficiently, affordably and successfully. Just make sure you aren’t wasting even a single moment of their time.

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