A mobile website is a version of an existing web page that has been optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, which have screens that usually are a lot smaller than the screens on desktops or laptops.


Many websites that were built before the widespread use of smartphones and tablets were written in a language that can’t be easily understood by the browsers used by mobile devices. These browsers usually use faster, more versatile JavaScript to provide content more quickly to their users.


Mobile-optimized websites also account for memory limitations of mobile devices, as well as touch-screen navigation and the bandwidth of wireless networks.


They also can take advantage of the specialized features of mobile devices, such as the ability to take and share high-quality photos and videos, interact in real-time with social media connections, and share texts, links and preferences very quickly.


Benefits of a Mobile-Optimized Website 


According to eMarketer, adult consumers now spend more time viewing media on mobile devices than they use newspapers and magazines combined.


An estimated 73% percent of Americans say their mobile device is now their Number 1 most-used technology device, and 1 out of 4 households have gotten rid of their home phones altogether. Mobile Internet usage is soon expected to overtake desktop Internet access, according to Microsoft Tag.


Cost of Not Having a Mobile Website


That means your customers are making their preference known:


  • Among smartphone users, 74% of all US consumers use location-based services on their smartphones to make buying decisions.


  • ComScore reported that 4 out of every 5 consumers use their smartphones to shop.


  • Of all online searches performed on mobile devices, 80% are spontaneous, according to Hubspot.


  • According to Google, 61% of all mobile web business searches result in a phone call and 59% result in a visit.


That means 8 out of 10 of your customers are using their mobile devices to look for businesses like yours and, once they find them, more than half are going to take action once they find one.


So if your website isn’t already mobile-optimized, we just have one question: What are you waiting for?!

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