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Florida Marketing Agency

Our Marketing Experts will put your website
higher ahead of your competitors

Premier Florida Marketing Agency in Business Since 2001 – Affordable Packages – Proven Results

– Watch our Marketing Case Studies
– Viability Study Recommended: Don’t start any effort before you do this.
– Results Driven: 24/7 Live Reports
– Spy on Your Competitors: Make their Ceiling Your Floor
– Invest in the right keywords and be found
– Customers are searching on Google for your products and services, but finding your competitors instead. Flip the game.
– Social Strategies will increase both your credibility & visibility online
– Get more leads, increase your ROI.

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Google Marketing Strategies

Results Driven: We study your market to make your brand stand out. After working on your credibility (brand strategy, message, visual identity and online reputation), we then work on visibility strategies to attract the right audience to your business. We measure phone calls and estimate requests to analyze conversion.

Because our software gives us live numbers as they happen, we have  24/7 access to check if a given strategy is working as intended, and if not, we can quickly improve it without wasting time.

We use our calculator to study the market viability and choose the right strategy for your business: Google Ads, Maps, SEO, Social Posts, Social Ads, Content & Email Marketing, etc.

If your site was beautifully crafted but it is not bringing you sales, you must change your digital strategy. Customers are looking for your products and services but finding your competitors instead. 

Lytron is your One Stop Florida Marketing Agency.


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Info & Tips

Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken the internet by storm; with more than 2 BILLION active users, it has become an extremely reliable marketing medium for both small and large businesses.

Reputation & Review System

Have peace of mind that your business shines in a positive light to potential customers. Convert happy customers into reviewers on Google, Facebook and the sites that matter.

Pay per Click (PPC) Google Ads

Our experts will convert visitors into qualified leads. We analyze the site constantly to make sure it is reaching the set goals: Selling your products and services.

Google Maps & Directories

Google My Business gets you in front of your customers. You’ll stand out, whether people are looking for you on Google Search or Maps. You can set your company’s hours and more.

SEO Plans & Strategies

SEO involves using various strategies in the design, contacts with major search engines, linking, using third party tools, formulating relevant content, and sometimes the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to increase your websites traffic.

Seasonal Campaigns

Increase Sales And Publicity, Increase Client Loyalty, Encourage People To Buy More and Create A Sense Of Urgency With Coupons

Directory Listings Submission

Lytron delivers Local Business Directory Listing Service to small businesses. We will provide local listing service in the directories that your business isn’t listed still

E-mail Marketing

We establish a dedicated account with an email distribution company; We transfer your contacts to this account; We discuss the ideas with you and create an email that will provoke your clients

Google Maps
GMB Management

We optimize your Google Maps account (GMB) so your business is at the top and can be found first. We also add your business to 50 local directories.

Connected to the reputation system, when people search for companies in your region, if your business is at the top, the click is almost inevitable and a new lead generated.

It is very important to promote your business’s reputation on Google Maps. Companies with more recommendations and visibility tend to receive more leads.

Pay per Click:
Google Ads

. Account creation
. Keyword Research
. Market research
. Creation of 5 ad groups
. Creation of ads
. Optimization of 5 landing pages
. Integration with Google Analytics
. Access to real-time reports
. Management of funds
. Remarketing banner design
. Remarketing strategy
. Conversion and analysis code setup

This strategy is sponsored, and the amount paid to Google is greater than the amount paid for the agency.

Search Engine Optimization

Better known as SEO.

One time or monthly internal optimization.

  • Keyword Analyzes
  • Top Competition Analyzes
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • 24/7 Access to our reports
  • Map of Google visits
  • Blog Articles written and optimized
  • Articles Distribution
  • Videos Submission
  • Link Building strategy
  • Better known as SEO.

One time or monthly internal optimization.

Internal optimization: One Time

Monthly optimization: To have more relevance, we recommend it with Google Ads.

90% of people search before buying. You may have the best visibility strategy, but if your credibility is not good, the investment will be lost.

Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly one of the best marketing solutions. Lytron’s reputation system amplifies the network and makes future customers feel secure by reading the experience of others, who have already consumed your product or service.

Receive the positive reviews (over 4 stars) that your customers left on your site, about your business, on dozens of other sites such as Yellow Pages, Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, etc. These reviews are automatically inserted into your site as your customers comment.

Asking for reviews should not be a difficult process, and Lytron’s goal is to simplify the way your business achieves an excellent reputation.

Reputation Management by Lytron Florida Marketing Agency


As mentioned in the previous process, to have your voice amplified it is necessary to use the texts generated during the process of creating the manifesto of the brand and produce pieces of communication. Now it’s time to show up: videos, graphics for posts, blogs, checklists, guides with tips, ebooks to establish authority on the subject, infographics, success stories, presentations, etc.

This set of messages generates visibility and awareness of your brand, creates engagement, demonstrates your authority on the subject, attracts qualified leads, generates website traffic, and so on.

Creation of texts and scripts, graphic design, approval, posting, analysis.

Creation of campaigns, groups and ads, focusing on audience, location, age, gender and interests.

This type of advertisement is sponsored, and the amount paid to Facebook is greater than just the value of the push.

Paid Campaign:
Social Ads

Social Media Management

Posts on up to 3 platforms.
Increase followers
Creation of texts and scripts
Graphic design
Video Production
Results Analysis &
New Strategies


Audience demographics:

location, age, gender and interests.

Marketing Automation

Through tips, checklists, ebooks, etc. we give the prospective customers free material on an issue that interests them in exchange for your email address. Then we start to send, automated and periodically, emails based on previously created strategies and designs, initiating a relationship with the possible client. These emails provide relevant information about a particular topic of customer interest, which establishes trust and generates authority for your business.

Seasonal Campaigns

Basic: Site
12 promotional banners with coupons. Scheduling and posting on the website, on a set date.

Site + Social
Design, Scheduling, Posting & Promotion
Facebook posts included.
Monthly postings on the channels, on a set date.

Site + Social + Email
An email with the design of the post is sent to your list of customers.

Site + Social + Email + Sponsored Links
Google Ads.
Posting for two weeks on Google, before major holidays, including 1 landing page.

Florida Marketing Agency with its entire Team working for YOU against your competitors

Marketing Manager + Marketing Analyst + SEO Experts + Copywriters + Link Builders + Video Editor + Local Directories Submitter + Developer + Designers + Google Ads Specialist + Social Media Expert + Support Technicians + Server Admins + Licensed Software, System & Tools

– You will get a Toll Free number (to generate more credibility in case you sell nationally) or Regional (if your company only serves the local public).

– This number will allow us to track your leads.

– You will be able to listen to the calls of your employees and we will be check their quality and provide tips on improvement

– Lead’s forms will arrive on the same platform so you can manage them from one single location.

Reports are updated in real time. You will have access to the site statistics (Google Analytics), Facebook Insight, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Reviews (recommendations), etc, all in one place.

24/7 Reports

Florida Marketing Agency
Driven By Results

Your local South Florida business needs the best credibility and visibility strategies to get  more SALES and ROI. We all want to be able to hire more employees, have a great cash flow, and enjoy life with family.

You heard about Digital Marketing, but you want to make sure you won’t have another cost. You need to invest your money where it gives you the highest return of your investment. Where do you go when you need something? You search on Google.

Your customers are online searching for YOUR services, but hiring YOUR COMPETITORS instead!

OUR team will be YOUR team and we’ll honor the fact you chose us.

Why are we Unique?

Too many options? At Lytron, one of our Unique Competitive Advantage is the fact that we are both a Florida Marketing & Branding Agency.

Being on top is basic, but not enough. We use Neuromarketing (emotional intelligence) to help your customers find and choose you. By adding branding strategies, you will be the authority in your field, as we will help you to translate your expertise into a appealing visual and brand message.

We are specialized in Google Ads, Google Maps, Social Media Management, Email, Chat Automation, and more. Having other campaigns will help your SEO, as it will help bring more traffic to your site. A good brand image along with a powerful message will help to reduce visitors bounce rate, which helps your Marketing. We also optimize your page for speed and keep a high speed server so your users can load your page faster than usual.