What Happens When Something Goes Wrong?

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Many small business owners think they can save a little money by building their own website, or perhaps having a gamer nephew or computer science major son or daughter do it for them. There are actually plenty of “pick and plug” services out there that allow you to build great-looking, functional websites quickly and relatively affordably.

That’s all well and good. But what happens when the website crashes? What are you going to do when something goes wrong?

Time Is Money

In today’s web-based business environment, even the smallest businesses depend on the internet for a large percentage of their customers. So every minute that your business website is down, that’s sales you aren’t making.

Inexperienced web designers may be able to use free tools to build attractive, functional websites. But the minute something goes wrong, they usually lack the skills and experience to fix it. Then business owners are at the mercy of professional web designers who can charge essentially anything they want to get their websites back up and running as quickly as possible.

A better plan is simply to have reputable, experienced web designers at Lytron Web Design create your business website for you in the first place. We have been coding long enough to know how to avoid the most common mistakes that first-time web designers almost always make. Plus, if anything does happen to go wrong, we usually know exactly how to fix it almost immediately so you can minimize your downtime and maximize your sales and profits.

Web Deisgn Professionals

Saving money in the short run by having your computer nerd cousin build your business website can cost you a lot more in the long run.

A better plan is to let the experienced professionals at Lytron Web Design create the attractive, appealing, and problem-free website your business needs to compete in the digital marketplace.

Google Remains the World’s Most Popular Search Engine

google partner
google partner
google partner

When creating content for the internet, it’s critical that it’s designed to appeal to search engines. But the question is which one?

There are dozens of companies that sort and prioritize search results for internet users. But Google remains the world’s most popular, accounting for more than 70% of all searches done online. And in the all-important area of mobile traffic, Google captures 80% of all users. So if you are going to please any search engine with your content, make it Google.

Why Google?

There are two reasons why Google has been so effective in capturing the lion’s share of online searches. The first is early adoption. When the internet was still being formed and not used by many people, Google already had identified its potential and the future need for a fast, effective algorithm that could quickly sort, prioritize, and list search results for users who type in just a couple of key words.

Google also made sure the results it provided were relevant, accurate, and high-quality. By continually updating the algorithm it uses to sort through the trillions of web documents now available online, Google has been able to prevent content providers from rigging the system so their pages ended up at the top of the search engine results page even if they weren’t the best results for the user.

Free Ninety-Nine

The other advantage Google offered is that it has always been free for people to use. The company that owns the search engine understood that more money could be made from advertisers than from charging individuals to use their service. That strategy worked and today Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., is one of the world’s wealthiest companies, with annual revenue of about $75.32 billion.

So if you are going to appeal to a search engine, make sure it’s Google, the world’s fastest, best, and most popular.

Slow Loading Times Spell Trouble for Websites

sites 1

sites 1

Have you ever had the experience of clicking on a website link and then waiting what seems like an eternity for it to load onto your phone, tablet, or computer? While the actual time may only have been a few seconds or a minute at most, each second web visitors wait exponentially increases the likelihood they are going to give up and go somewhere else.

And if it’s your business’s website that is loading slowly, that could mean lost sales, damage to your reputation, and harm to your brand.

Why Is It So Slow?

You probably worked very hard to get your website just right. You may have paid a designer to make it visually appealing, a programmer to make it easy to navigate, and a marketer to make sure it gets placed at or near the top of the Google search engine page. But all that money is wasted if it loads so slowly that people are jumping off before they ever get to see it.

So why do weblinks load so slowly sometimes? It could be one of any number of things. But the most likely culprit is that your site features too many images that are unoptimized. If you include high-resolution images on your web pages, these eat up a lot of bandwidth while loading — especially if you upload larger-sized images then scale them down to a smaller size. This can fool the user’s device into thinking that your website is much bigger than it actually is, causing it to load much more slowly.

Quick Fixes

The best solution is to have the web developers at Lytron optimize your website so that it loads quickly and efficiently, reducing the number of visitors who click off out of load time frustration.

Our experienced, professional web designers have the skills, tools, and expertise to optimize your pages so they load instantly onto visitors’ devices.

Minimalism Trending for Single-Page Websites

Brand Design

Brand Design

Minimalism is nothing new. In fact, the minimalist art movement began right after World War II and featured such as the artist Mondrian, the composer Philip Glass, and the author Samuel Beckett. Some saw it as a reaction to the abstract art movement of the early 20th Century, replacing the old way of doing things with something newer and simpler.

Eventually, this art movement was replaced by something else. Yet the best qualities of minimalism continue to reverberate today in the world of web design as more and more page creators turn to simple yet spare single-page websites to attract and keep visitors.

Elements of Minimalism

As the name implies, minimalism in page design can be summed by the saying, “Less is more.” It’s a classic approach to web design that continues to be increasingly popular among business websites. The minimalist aesthetic embraces both beauty and functionality simultaneously. It eliminates anything extraneous so page viewers can focus on a few simple images and plain fonts that give just the bare essentials.

Minimalist websites are user-friendly and typically feature intuitive navigation. They also have simplified color schemes, usually keeping to just three or four colors and that’s it. They also tend to rely on the creative and bold use of typography as the central design element.

The Opposite Busy

Rather than cluttering the available space with competing images, text, animation, and more, minimalist websites keep things simple and plain for the visitor. They generally have flat, simple backgrounds as opposed to heavily textured ones. And they offer a clean aesthetic that matches the brevity of the content.

Minimalism isn’t for everybody. But for some small businesses, it can be a simple yet effective way to underscore their theme and enhance their brand by challenging their customers less, not more. To find out if minimalism works for your online branding, consult the web design experts at Lytron Strategic.


When It Comes to Graphics, Consistency Is King

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swot woman working at office 3TN59UJ

Things like the font you use for your text, the colors you use for lettering and background, and the size, positioning, and even gloss you use for your images are hugely important to the success of your website. More than anything, they need to be CONSISTENT.

People visiting your website will instantly become acclimated to the way you present your business and your brand online. So if you suddenly shift gears with a different color scheme, new fonts, or changes in letter sizing or image presentation, it’s going to be jarring to them. Your page visitors subconsciously want to be reassured that everything on your web pages will be consistent — even if they click through to another page.

Creating Consistency

You can often tell the business owners who built their own web pages. Maybe they had some experience in college in web design or decided to take an online course. Either way, while their websites may have all the right pieces — text content, headlines, pictures, click-through buttons, and so on — somehow they don’t have a consistent flow.

What’s missing from a website built by an amateur and those created by web design professionals like those you will find at Lytron Strategic is flow. Creating this consistent flow throughout the entire web visit experience is something that comes with years of experience.

Experience Matters

At Lytron, we literally have created hundreds of websites for dozens of small business owners. And through the years, we’ve developed the instinctive ability to make every element of a website look like it fits with everything else.

Allow us to put our decades of cumulative experience to work for your small business by letting us create a consistent, effective, and attractive website that instantly appeals to both first-time visitors and long-time customers alike.

In web design, consistency is the name of the game. At Lytron Strategic, our experience is your website’s biggest strength.

Appealing, Instinctive Websites Connect Better

web design software 1

web design software 1

Websites used to be something of a novelty. But in less than two decades, they have become as much a part of running a business as having a phone number or a cash register.

Businesses today need to have websites that are appealing, interactive, and instinctive to navigate. People aren’t going to spend time on your website if it doesn’t feel natural or inviting. Superior web design lures people further and further into your brand so they can spend more time with the products and services you offer.

Apple Computers

The late Steve Jobs was one of the first advocates for instinctive design. The first Apple computers didn’t come with a lengthy instruction manual. Instead, users were invited to take them out of the box, turn them on, and see what happens.

This commitment to instinctive design continues today with the iPhone. While there are millions of videos, blog posts, and text strings you can access regarding how to optimize your smartphone when you originally purchase it there aren’t any instructions. You just turn it on and go.

Websites need to be the same way. When people feel like they are spending too much time trying to figure out how to navigate your website or get lost in an endless series of tasks, they are going to click off.

Design Appeal

Similarly, websites need to be attractive, featuring soothing color schemes and professional images featuring beautiful subjects, whether they are people, pets, scenery, or whatever best matches your brand.

Lytron Design specializes in creating attractive, interactive websites that instantly make genuine connections with people, building trust bonds, and boosting your brand. If you want people to stay on your websites after landing there, Lytron Design has the knowledge, skills, and digital tools to keep people coming back to your business website over and over again.

Web Design Trends for 2022



Website design is subject to fashion trends in the same way that women’s clothing, interior decor, and popular culture are. What was fashionable last year may seem dated and out of touch this year.

With a new year come new web design trends that are growing in popularity. Here’s a look at some of the web design features that could be making their way onto the websites you visit during the coming year.

Oversized Typography

This year, web designers are jumping on the oversized typography bandwagon in droves. Typography of keywords and themes is getting huge on many websites, dominating the page and instantly drawing the attention of the page visitor.

At a certain point, gigantic words stop becoming part of the copy and start becoming more of a graphic element of the page itself. Oversized typography looks modern and adds cutting-edge style to any website. They can make bold, fresh statements that can’t be ignored by the page visitor. Expect to see a lot more of them as web designers begin to discover their benefits.

Motion Design

When your mouse hovers over a word, an image, or a link, motion design can be used to make the content actually move. It’s a way to make websites more interactive and fun.

Motion design lets you create elaborate effects that can make websites seem more futuristic and exciting. Just avoid the temptation to overdo it because too much motion can turn off the page visitor as easily as they can interest them.

Collage Illustration

Collage illustration has been around for a while but thanks to new web design software it’s easier to create. As a result, a lot more web page builders are using it to make cool, intriguing images composed of thousands of smaller photos, shapes, and even word clouds. Add a monochrome effect, tint, or a filter to make your image even more interesting.

Watch for these web design trends that may be coming to some of the websites you visit in the very near future.


New Year, New Opportunity for Improved Web Design

swot business people planning strategy in office 2CMPFUB

swot business people planning strategy in office 2CMPFUB

New Year’s Eve is the time for looking back on the past year and recognizing achievement. But New Year’s Day is for looking ahead to the coming year and planning for improvement.

With a coming of a new year right around the corner, right now is the time to take stock of how your business website performed during the past 12 months, recognize opportunities for making it perform better, and map out a strategy for implementing those upgrades. Lytron Web Design is here to help you set new goals for the new year, then create measurable, time-dated objectives to help you achieve them.

What’s Your Goal?

You can have more than one goal for improving the performance of your online presence, but it’s often helpful to identify one that drives everything else. For example, attracting more visitors to your website can lead to more conversions, more click-throughs, more online sales, and more customer loyalty. So working with Lytron Web Design to create a path toward attracting more web page visitors can be your primary objective. And once you achieve that, all the others should fall into place.

Setting primary and secondary goals is only the first step, however. All of your goals need to be realistic while at the same time ambitious, pushing you to grow your business as fast as possible while still consistently hitting your targets. To do that, you need measurable objectives.

Partnering for Prosperity

Lytron Web Design has helped dozens of local businesses achieve their goals on a yearly, monthly, and even daily and hourly basis. We have the experience, knowledge, and digital tools you need to grow your online reputation, attract more site visitors and achieve your financial objectives this year, next year, and beyond.

Let’s get together to put together a plan for your business’s digital marketing success. We are ready to collaborate with you to build your online presence and build your business.

Websites Need to Be Renovated Periodically



Like anything else, websites can start to look old and outdated over time. Revamping your website with a more modern look, updated colors and fonts, and new photos and videos will surprise and delight your existing customers and help attract and retain new ones.

If your website looks exactly the way it did when you first launched it, there’s a good chance it’s out of date. In fact, if you haven’t touched anything on your website for three or four years or longer, it’s time to redo it. Stale, familiar websites can actively hurt your business — especially if your competitors are on the ball when it comes to continually upgrading their websites. You can’t afford NOT to renovate your website every couple of years.

Youthful and Attractive

People using the internet have very short attention spans — and they’re getting shorter. A website designed in 2017 is going to look old-fashioned and out of date when compared to one crafted this year or even this month. People notice when websites look old, when they are difficult to navigate, and when they are slow and frustrating.

People want fresh, vital websites that have the best and latest technologies built into them. They are more willing to buy from a website that is fast and modern than one that is old and slow. Updating your website keeps it fresh, exciting, and interactive. Most importantly, it keeps people engaged and more likely to come back again and again.

Lytron Web Design

If it has been more than three years since you last updated your website, it’s due for an overhaul. Lytron Web Design can give you a fresh new look with all the latest tech to make your site vital and exciting.

Don’t let an old and outdated website hurt your sales. Lytron Web Design has some fresh ideas that will make your website look better than brand new!

Give the Customers What They Want

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portfolio lytron 3 e1574691366647

The best websites give customers exactly what they want. So when designing a website for your business, the first thing the web design experts at Lytron Web Design want to know is, “Why are people coming to your website in the first place?”

The easiest way to meet your web visitors’ expectations is to put yourself in their shoes. When they actively seek out and click on your website, what do they want? The answers may be obvious or they may be more subtle. Our job is to figure out the solution and provide it to your customers.

Obvious Answers

Let’s look at some obvious reasons people would visit a business’s website. Hours of operation would rank right up there near the top. If the business is a restaurant, access to the menu would be a primary reason for visiting its website.

A description of services is often what people want when they click on your website: Do you provide the solutions they need for the problems they are experiencing? For example, if you run an automobile repair shop, do you make the kind of repairs they need right now? Do you provide towing services? Are your mechanics available evenings and weekends? Understanding the obvious reasons people are clicking on your business website makes it easy to give customers what they want.

Subtle Answers

But people don’t always click on websites for obvious reasons. In some instances, they want things that are perhaps more esoteric. For example, they may want reassurance that they will be valued as a customer. Or perhaps they might want to be part of a community of like-minded people who share common values.

The first job of the web designer is to understand why people visit the website in the first place, then provide visitors with exactly what they are looking for. Once you achieve this goal, the rest often takes care of itself.