A Single Video Can Be Used Multiple Times

A Single Video Can Be Used Multiple Times

Video is one of the most immediate and effective ways to communicate with a target audience.


The types of videos you produce are many. It can be a video promoting your business’s products or services, establishing your brand, or enhancing your reputation within the community. Or it can be an instructional video that teaches viewers something useful that they can use right away.


Or you can simply share somebody else’s video, providing your customers with relevant content that they can enjoy.


A Single Video Can Be Used Multiple Times – Not ‘One and Done’


One of the biggest benefits of video is that it can be used over and over again in a wide variety of different formats and contexts.


For example, let’s say you produce a video that teaches viewers something, such as training your employees on how to perform a specific task or showing your customers how to use a particular product you offer.


You might post that video on your website so that customers, employees, or others can access it and watch it at their convenience. But is that the end of the useful life of that video? Not at all!


Social Media and Other Uses


You can post that same video on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. It can be posted on all your accounts at the same time or staggered over time so that it appears on one then another a short time later, on a third in another week, and so on.


Staggering the distribution of your video on social media can help expand its audience. If a follower doesn’t happen to catch it on Facebook, for example, they might find it on Twitter when you post it a few days later.


You then can use the video in other places as well, such as an instant message, an email blast, or as a free giveaway during a future promotion.


Unlike other media, video has “legs” that allow you to post it multiple times to get exponential benefits from a single video production.


Short, Simple Videos Can Effectively Build Your Brand

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People today prefer videos. That’s just a fact.


Maybe it’s because society as a whole is getting a little dumber and lazier. Or maybe it’s because the smartphone in everybody’s pocket has built-in high definition video capabilities. Whatever the reason, video is just the medium of choice among most people today.


The value of video is that it’s fast, fun, and effective. You don’t have to wade through dozens of paragraphs to get to the point like you do with text content. You don’t have to know how to analyze an image like you do with photos or other images.


With video, all you need to do is watch. It’s that simple. And in that simplicity lies the key to effectively building your brand.


Video Marketing


Most businesses today need to include video as part of their online marketing, if only because their competitors are almost certainly already doing it.


A video is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your brand and connect directly with customers. Videos can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.


For example, a television commercial essentially is a professionally produced video that promotes a particular product or brand. But you can often get the same results by simply creating a fun, spontaneous video in which you talk honestly and genuinely about your business, your products, or even yourself.


Short Simple Videos Can Effectively Build Your Brand – Video Distribution


Just a few years ago, getting the videos you produced in front of your customers was kind of a problem. It cost a lot of money to run commercials on TV. And getting people to watch a DVD about your company was practically impossible.


Today, however, getting people to watch your videos is simple. Just post it on social media. Or send a link out via email or text message. You can (and should) even include videos on your company’s website.


Like it or not, video is king. And in order for your business to effectively connect with your customers, it’s critical that you find ways to include videos as part of your marketing.


When It Comes to Today’s Marketing, Video Is King

Keep Content Short Snappy and to the Point

Have you noticed that there are a lot more videos now as you scroll through your Facebook stream? And that the number of links to videos on Twitter and other social media sites also has increased?



This is no accident. Video is quickly becoming the primary way for people to communicate with each other. And it’s one of the most effective ways for you to promote your business, products, or brand.



Times Have Changed



Not that long ago — maybe a decade or so — the production costs of video kept most small businesses out of this type of media. But today there are practically zero production costs to creating original, effective video marketing.



That’s because most smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices already come with built-in cameras and microphones. And the picture quality of the videos you can make with these cameras is much better than even the best video camera available on the market a decade ago.



Marketing – Free to Distribute



Then there’s distribution. In the past, if you wanted people to see your marketing videos, you would either have to spend a fortune on an ad buy for TV commercials, or pay a marketing company thousands to get your videos in the hands of producers and other content makers.



Now you can post your video for free on such sites as YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites where they can be seen instantly by millions of people.



You can even directly distribute your videos to your customers via email, text message, Facebook post, Twitter, or any number of other platforms. Or use SEO to get links to your video ranked high on Google.



Best of all, the production and distribution costs to you is next to nothing. Talk about a revolution in marketing!



The Future of Marketing



So it’s no wonder that so many small businesses like yours are turning to video to promote their products, brand, and services: People love them, they are practically free to create and distribute, and they are one of the most effective ways to get your marketing message in front of your customers.

Importance of Video Marketing


Videos move the world today. From movies to seminars to sales presentations, people’s interest is at the highest when video presentations are included.


We are not talking about ordinary videos but those created by professionals; videos which are very relevant to the subject at hand or more specifically to the products being sold. A lot of products have very little difference; what makes one sell better than the other is the ability of the marketing department to exploit the correct strategy to call the attention of the buyers.


Most online businesses don’t have marketing departments or their own sales force to move their products. The sales depend a lot on how a website is ranked. What I mean is that the survival of an online company from small to medium sized is in the hands of web design and SEO experts. Before customers can find your website, it should be ranked first.


Now after getting ranked higher, the customers will start queuing to see it and they’ll expect to be impressed.


Now here comes the job of another expert. Your website should offer something that holds on to the customers. The longer they stay, the higher the chances they’ll buy and the lesser your bounce rate will be. This is where the importance of videos fit in. This is one way of building up of consumer base. People will flock to your website especially if it’s really something special, unique and an authority on the product.



Importance of Video Marketing –  Banners and photos have their uses as well. But compared to videos, it’s like you’re talking about 3D versus 2D movies.


There’s no comparison really.  Videos have a way of getting customer interaction.  Moving pictures are easy to recall. It’s easy to remember what both the eyes and the ears have experienced, compared to just viewing the photo. And it’s more enjoyable too. The tendency for customers to go back to your website and inform their social media pals will be a tremendous boost to your business venture. Your competitor will eat your cyber dust.


Giving your videos the HD quality will even make it more popular.  It’ll be easy for customers around the world to get access to it and your of business success has just been realized more than you expected.  Animations and other types of presentations, with living colors, streaming in uninterrupted and smooth flow will do wonders to your products. You can present your videos both online and offline. It can be presented both in TV and both the desktop and mobiles.  The magnitude of exposure is beyond any other scope available.


For beginners, videos will just be terrific. Everything the customer wants to know about the online company can be presented in few minutes in a detailed and entertaining manner. Of course you need an expert video specialist to do it for you. Your video should be better than that of your competitor.  Customers will buy your product more if you make them laugh and enjoy your video presentation very much.