Cross-Marketing on Your Website Can Boost Sales, Reputation

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The objective of most business websites is to promote the product and services that the company offers, as well as reinforcing the brand the organization wants to establish.


But should you consider promoting other people’s businesses or other organizations on your website? Maybe.


Cross-Marketing on Your Website Can Boost Sales – Reciprocal Marketing


Reciprocal marketing is when you promote another person’s business or products on your website in exchange for their promoting yours on their web pages.


It simply requires entering into an agreement with another business in order to promote both businesses for the benefit of each other.


Obviously, you probably wouldn’t enter into an agreement with a direct competitor. But there may be products or services that complement yours that could be a perfect fit for reciprocal marketing.


For example, if you own a health spa you might enter a reciprocal agreement with a company that offers relaxing lotions or aromatic candles. That company would then promote your spa on their website.


Both businesses benefit because consumers who are interested in one type of product probably also would be interested in the other.


Cross-Marketing on Your Website Can Boost Sales – Community Outreach


Another related type of cross promotion on your website is community outreach. This is when you use your website to pledge your support for a local charity or cause you are passionate about.


For example, if your website promotes your local business, you might include a badge that supports a local charity such as the Ronald McDonald House. Or you could include a pink ribbon that signifies breast cancer awareness.


Community outreach has the dual benefit of supporting an important cause or charity while affiliating your business with doing good in your community.


Both cross promotion and community outreach don’t cost you anything more to do, but can bring additional sales and more customers to your business, as well as enhancing its reputation within the community.