Post-Interaction Opinion Surveys Offer Multiple Benefits

post interaction opinion surveys offer multiple benefits

When customers click on your website, shop in your online store, or even visit your brick and mortar business, you want to ensure that they have the most positive, problem-free experience possible.


If something goes wrong — such as their having a technical issue, a negative customer service interaction, or they fail to get the products or services they want in a timely manner — you need to know about it as soon as possible.


Resolving a problem to a customer’s satisfaction can often strengthen loyalty bonds and make the formerly unhappy customer a raving fan of your business.


Valuable Information


But you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know about it. And an unhappy customer who believes you don’t care about their business can be poisonous to your business. If they complain about your website or business to their social media contacts alone, it could cost you hundreds of potential customers.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to identify and correct problems is through post-interaction opinion surveys. As a consumer or web user, you may find these to be annoying. But if a customer has a genuine problem with your business, it offers them a fast and efficient way to be heard.


And post-interaction opinion surveys give business owners the opportunity to win back the business of unhappy customers and convert potential toxic complainers into raving fans of their business.


Post-Interaction Opinion Surveys Offer Multiple Benefits – Opportunities to Improve


Post-interaction opinion surveys also give web page owners valuable input as to how they can improve their visitors’ experiences.


When you are looking at your own web page every day, it’s hard to see it objectively. But opinion surveys from existing customers give you key insights that you otherwise might now see.


Post-interaction opinion surveys are relatively easy to create. Many web page design programs have plug-ins that will automatically generate them for every customer who visits your page.


Pictures of People Connect Better with Page Visitors

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When you post articles, blogs, or other content on your web page, it’s important that you always include some sort of image to go with it.


But not just any image will do. Visitors to your web page will connect better on an emotional level if you include an image that includes at least one person, rather than simple pictures of objects of products.


Numerous studies have shown that Internet users prefer websites that include pictures of people over pictures of things.


The Human Touch


Human beings are social entities and they like to make connections between people and their stories. When you include an image that includes a real person, people will project their thoughts and ideas onto that image.


But when you simply post a picture of a thing, the viewer can’t make that imaginative connection as easily. They can’t empathize with an object in the same way that they can with a real live human being.


The Voyeuristic Effect


People also like to look at other people. But they don’t always get the opportunity to do so as much as they would like in real life.


Think about your own experiences. In the office, or even in your own home, if you were to stare at another person as long as you wanted it probably would make you both feel uncomfortable.


But you can look at an online photo of a person as long as you like.


This is known as the voyeuristic effect of online marketing. Professional marketers know that if they include images of young, attractive people with their postings, it will attract and hold the eye of the viewer longer.


Pictures of People Connect Better with Page Visitors – SEO Fort Lauderdale — Effective Web Pages


Your web postings will have more effect if they include photos of actual people whenever possible.


People love looking at people. Use that to your advantage.


Including a Poll Builds Customer Loyalty

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One of the most effective ways to make your customers feel as if their opinion counts is to include a poll on your web page, blog, or another online site.


Polls also are simple, fast, and valuable ways to gather critical information that can help your business improve. They let you understand how your customers truly feel about important elements of your business, such as products, quality of service, or other elements.


 Adding Polls to Your Web Pages


Most web page design programs, including WordPress and others, have simple tools that make it easy to insert a poll onto your blog or website. These widgets are tiny bits of code that are automatically inserted into your page. All you need to do is to create the poll question and a few possible answers.


When customers land on your blog or webpage, they will see a professional-looking poll that they can use to share their opinions about whatever question you ask. The widget will then capture and store their responses, as well as all the other participants who take the poll and deliver you the results in a simple, easy-to-understand format.


Including a Poll Builds Customer Loyalty –  Change It Up


Based on the results of the poll you can improve your products, your service, or other elements of your business. Or you can use the data to make other improvements to your business.


There is no limit to the number or type of polls you can include on your web pages. You can change your polls every month, every week, or every day if you want.


Polls are a fast, simple, and effective way to get feedback directly from your customers. The information you collect can be helpful when looking for ways to improve the quality of your business, products, or service.


Blogging Keeps Customers and Clients Engaged with Your Business

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Blogs are short, informative articles that usually are distributed through social media to a targeted audience, such as to a mailing list of customers.


Blogging is a relatively new and highly effective marketing platform that helps build loyalty bonds between businesses and their customers. It both informs and engages people simultaneously by providing value to the business-customer relationship.


Creating Relevant Content


There are essentially two types of blogs. The first is original content that is either created by somebody within the business itself or by somebody hired by the business to provide informative articles for their clients.


The second is blogs that are composed of articles, links, and other content that originally was created elsewhere, such as on another website, in a magazine or newspaper, or a video that was posted online.


Generally, the content of these “secondary blogs” is somehow related to what the company does or the types of products it offers. For example, customers of a local car showroom might receive both original blogs as well as blogs that contain promotional videos from the major car makers.


Business – Why Customers Want Blogs


People are typically highly open to receiving and reading your business’s blog posts because they perceive it as receiving something of high value for nothing. Customers don’t pay for blogs. They are simply something they receive if they opt-in by giving their email address, cell phone number, or other contact information.


While the customer’s investment is minimal, the return from the business is high. Blog postings can often provide helpful and useful information they can use immediately in their everyday lives.


Business – Low-Cost, High Value


And the benefit to businesses also is high. Blogs not only make customers more loyal to the business, but they also can occasionally include promotional offers and information that can lead to short-term future sales and a longer term relationship with the customer.


If your business doesn’t already provide its customers with regular blog postings, it’s something you absolutely should consider.

Customer Recognition Programs Pay Huge Dividends

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Have you ever had the experience of walking into a local store and having the proprietor come out and greet you by name? If so, it’s probably something you haven’t forgotten.


It’s also a huge motivator for you to return to that business again and again. Why? Because people have a natural desire to be recognized. It makes people feel special and is one of the simplest, fastest, and most affordable ways to build loyalty bond between your customers and your business, brand, and products.


Digitally Recognizing Your Customers


Every online business is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to capture a larger and larger market share. One of the best ways for your business to do this is to launch recognition programs for your existing customers.


While you may not be able to physically replicate the experience you had when you were recognized by the owner of a local business, there are many steps you can take to build those same kinds of positive emotions within your online customers.


For example, one simple way to do this is to remember the preferences of your customers who visited your business online. With just a few lines of code, you can capture your website visitor’s preferences and remind them of what they looked at the last time they visited your online store.


Customer Recognition Programs Pay Huge Dividends – we recommend customizations


Another effective way to interact with customers so that they feel recognized by your online business is to make personalized recommendations of products you think they might want.


Streaming video services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu already provide this service this for their subscribers, recommending TV shows and movies they think they might like based on what they watched in the past.


This type of affordable software is widely available for online businesses as well. By making recommendations to your customers about products or services you think they might enjoy, you can reinforce the loyalty bonds that are the key to repeat business.