Slow Loading Times Spell Trouble for Websites

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Have you ever had the experience of clicking on a website link and then waiting what seems like an eternity for it to load onto your phone, tablet, or computer? While the actual time may only have been a few seconds or a minute at most, each second web visitors wait exponentially increases the likelihood they are going to give up and go somewhere else.

And if it’s your business’s website that is loading slowly, that could mean lost sales, damage to your reputation, and harm to your brand.

Why Is It So Slow?

You probably worked very hard to get your website just right. You may have paid a designer to make it visually appealing, a programmer to make it easy to navigate, and a marketer to make sure it gets placed at or near the top of the Google search engine page. But all that money is wasted if it loads so slowly that people are jumping off before they ever get to see it.

So why do weblinks load so slowly sometimes? It could be one of any number of things. But the most likely culprit is that your site features too many images that are unoptimized. If you include high-resolution images on your web pages, these eat up a lot of bandwidth while loading — especially if you upload larger-sized images then scale them down to a smaller size. This can fool the user’s device into thinking that your website is much bigger than it actually is, causing it to load much more slowly.

Quick Fixes

The best solution is to have the web developers at Lytron optimize your website so that it loads quickly and efficiently, reducing the number of visitors who click off out of load time frustration.

Our experienced, professional web designers have the skills, tools, and expertise to optimize your pages so they load instantly onto visitors’ devices.

Who Is Hosting Your Website?

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When somebody clicks on your website, does it take a long time for it to load onto their laptop, tablet, or smartphone? If so, it could be because the server hosting your website is outdated, inefficient, or just plain slow to respond.

Websites that are slow to load are frustrating for users. And people have only so much patience before they click off your website and click through to your competitor’s pages. So investing in high-quality hosting is usually worth the money.

Hosting Websites

Most people who aren’t web designers are unfamiliar with the infrastructure that supports all those millions of websites available on the web. Many think that businesses somehow host their own websites on the computers at their headquarters. But the typical personal computer — even the more powerful ones used by businesses — has neither the capacity nor the ability to host even the most rudimentary websites.

Instead, most businesses turn to independent companies that specialize in hosting websites, web pages, and other digital real estates. These companies run server farms that have storage capacity that is exponentially larger than anything available for the typical stand-alone business. But not all hosting companies are built alike. And they definitely are not interchangeable.

Finding the Best Host

Just a few years ago, there were only a handful of big hosting companies for business owners to choose from, with hosts like GoDaddy and Bluehost leading the pack. Today, however, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, in the US alone. And they range from the biggest like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to more modest hosts like Squarespace and Liquid Web.

Finding the best host for your business can be challenging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of hosting. That’s where Lytron can help.

Our expert web designers can help you find the best host for your website so you can maximize loading speed and minimize visitor frustration.