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Things like the font you use for your text, the colors you use for lettering and background, and the size, positioning, and even gloss you use for your images are hugely important to the success of your website. More than anything, they need to be CONSISTENT.

People visiting your website will instantly become acclimated to the way you present your business and your brand online. So if you suddenly shift gears with a different color scheme, new fonts, or changes in letter sizing or image presentation, it’s going to be jarring to them. Your page visitors subconsciously want to be reassured that everything on your web pages will be consistent — even if they click through to another page.

Creating Consistency

You can often tell the business owners who built their own web pages. Maybe they had some experience in college in web design or decided to take an online course. Either way, while their websites may have all the right pieces — text content, headlines, pictures, click-through buttons, and so on — somehow they don’t have a consistent flow.

What’s missing from a website built by an amateur and those created by web design professionals like those you will find at Lytron Strategic is flow. Creating this consistent flow throughout the entire web visit experience is something that comes with years of experience.

Experience Matters

At Lytron, we literally have created hundreds of websites for dozens of small business owners. And through the years, we’ve developed the instinctive ability to make every element of a website look like it fits with everything else.

Allow us to put our decades of cumulative experience to work for your small business by letting us create a consistent, effective, and attractive website that instantly appeals to both first-time visitors and long-time customers alike.

In web design, consistency is the name of the game. At Lytron Strategic, our experience is your website’s biggest strength.

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