Appealing, Instinctive Websites Connect Better

web design software 1

web design software 1

Websites used to be something of a novelty. But in less than two decades, they have become as much a part of running a business as having a phone number or a cash register.

Businesses today need to have websites that are appealing, interactive, and instinctive to navigate. People aren’t going to spend time on your website if it doesn’t feel natural or inviting. Superior web design lures people further and further into your brand so they can spend more time with the products and services you offer.

Apple Computers

The late Steve Jobs was one of the first advocates for instinctive design. The first Apple computers didn’t come with a lengthy instruction manual. Instead, users were invited to take them out of the box, turn them on, and see what happens.

This commitment to instinctive design continues today with the iPhone. While there are millions of videos, blog posts, and text strings you can access regarding how to optimize your smartphone when you originally purchase it there aren’t any instructions. You just turn it on and go.

Websites need to be the same way. When people feel like they are spending too much time trying to figure out how to navigate your website or get lost in an endless series of tasks, they are going to click off.

Design Appeal

Similarly, websites need to be attractive, featuring soothing color schemes and professional images featuring beautiful subjects, whether they are people, pets, scenery, or whatever best matches your brand.

Lytron Design specializes in creating attractive, interactive websites that instantly make genuine connections with people, building trust bonds, and boosting your brand. If you want people to stay on your websites after landing there, Lytron Design has the knowledge, skills, and digital tools to keep people coming back to your business website over and over again.

Web Design Trends for 2022



Website design is subject to fashion trends in the same way that women’s clothing, interior decor, and popular culture are. What was fashionable last year may seem dated and out of touch this year.

With a new year come new web design trends that are growing in popularity. Here’s a look at some of the web design features that could be making their way onto the websites you visit during the coming year.

Oversized Typography

This year, web designers are jumping on the oversized typography bandwagon in droves. Typography of keywords and themes is getting huge on many websites, dominating the page and instantly drawing the attention of the page visitor.

At a certain point, gigantic words stop becoming part of the copy and start becoming more of a graphic element of the page itself. Oversized typography looks modern and adds cutting-edge style to any website. They can make bold, fresh statements that can’t be ignored by the page visitor. Expect to see a lot more of them as web designers begin to discover their benefits.

Motion Design

When your mouse hovers over a word, an image, or a link, motion design can be used to make the content actually move. It’s a way to make websites more interactive and fun.

Motion design lets you create elaborate effects that can make websites seem more futuristic and exciting. Just avoid the temptation to overdo it because too much motion can turn off the page visitor as easily as they can interest them.

Collage Illustration

Collage illustration has been around for a while but thanks to new web design software it’s easier to create. As a result, a lot more web page builders are using it to make cool, intriguing images composed of thousands of smaller photos, shapes, and even word clouds. Add a monochrome effect, tint, or a filter to make your image even more interesting.

Watch for these web design trends that may be coming to some of the websites you visit in the very near future.