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The best websites give customers exactly what they want. So when designing a website for your business, the first thing the web design experts at Lytron Web Design want to know is, “Why are people coming to your website in the first place?”

The easiest way to meet your web visitors’ expectations is to put yourself in their shoes. When they actively seek out and click on your website, what do they want? The answers may be obvious or they may be more subtle. Our job is to figure out the solution and provide it to your customers.

Obvious Answers

Let’s look at some obvious reasons people would visit a business’s website. Hours of operation would rank right up there near the top. If the business is a restaurant, access to the menu would be a primary reason for visiting its website.

A description of services is often what people want when they click on your website: Do you provide the solutions they need for the problems they are experiencing? For example, if you run an automobile repair shop, do you make the kind of repairs they need right now? Do you provide towing services? Are your mechanics available evenings and weekends? Understanding the obvious reasons people are clicking on your business website makes it easy to give customers what they want.

Subtle Answers

But people don’t always click on websites for obvious reasons. In some instances, they want things that are perhaps more esoteric. For example, they may want reassurance that they will be valued as a customer. Or perhaps they might want to be part of a community of like-minded people who share common values.

The first job of the web designer is to understand why people visit the website in the first place, then provide visitors with exactly what they are looking for. Once you achieve this goal, the rest often takes care of itself.

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