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Many commercial websites now feature a “Live Chat” option. Typically, it is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and includes text boxes that allow customers to interact directly with a brand representative 24/7/365.

“Live Chat” has grown in popularity partially because it gives customers instant access if they have questions about products, returns or exchanges, or other issues related to the product or service. But there’s an even more important reason so many online retailers are including this interactive option on their websites.

Building Brand Loyalty

“Live Chat” increases the amount of time customers spend on your website, a critical measurement of online success. In the past, these same retailers might send customers with questions to a “Frequently Asked Questions” or “FAQ” page. But “Live Chat” offers customers the same solutions but with the opportunity for the online retailer to solve problems, answer follow-up questions, and ultimately build brand loyalty.

The interactive chat box also distinguishes your website from competitors that don’t offer this option. It lets your customers know you genuinely care about their satisfaction with your products or services and lets you fix issues quickly and to their immediate satisfaction, increasing the likelihood they will return to your brand in the future.

Simple Operation

Offering around-the-clock customer interaction isn’t as complicated as it sounds. For small businesses, there’s no reason to staff a call center 24/7 or hire an outside vendor to handle your intake. Instead, texts can be instantly forwarded to the business owner’s smartphone or to the desktop of a manager or designated employee.

If they number of inquiries increases to the level that they can’t be managed by one person (a good problem to have, btw), the response cycle can be expanded to include a customer service department or multiple business representatives responding to text inquiries.

Including a “Live Chat” option on your website build customer loyalty, increases the amount of time people spend on your website, and resolves problems before they can become a bigger issue.

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