If your business uses a website to promote your brand, sell products or services, or simply generate new customer leads, you already are ahead of the game. An increasing number of people worldwide are choosing the web over every other media to find the companies, products, and services they want.


But what if you are doing business in one country and want to attract a more global customer base. For example, you have a business based in the US but want to be able to attract customers from Canada, the UK, or Australia. How can you do it?


The Money Problem


If you are simply offering information and not products or services that need to be paid for, you may be able to get away with just one website. But if you are doing actual business in other countries, you probably will want to consider a separate website for each country that you have paying customers.


The problem is with the money. While it is technically possible to accept multiple types of currencies on the same website, it can be really complicated. And you can’t expect customers to pay in your local currency. You wouldn’t want to buy a product online from China and have to pay in yen, would you? Of course not!


Canadian customers need to be able to pay in Canadian dollars. UK customers need to use the English pound for currency. Mexican customers want to be able to pay in pesos. If you require them all to pay in US dollars, you’re probably going to lose the sale.


Use Separate Websites For Specific Audiences – Focused Content


Another benefit of having separate websites for each country where you do business is that it gives you the ability to fine-tune your content to your specific audience. You can even use a different language.


When you globalize your company, you generally need to use a different website for each specific set of international customers.

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