People today prefer videos. That’s just a fact.


Maybe it’s because society as a whole is getting a little dumber and lazier. Or maybe it’s because the smartphone in everybody’s pocket has built-in high definition video capabilities. Whatever the reason, video is just the medium of choice among most people today.


The value of video is that it’s fast, fun, and effective. You don’t have to wade through dozens of paragraphs to get to the point like you do with text content. You don’t have to know how to analyze an image like you do with photos or other images.


With video, all you need to do is watch. It’s that simple. And in that simplicity lies the key to effectively building your brand.


Video Marketing


Most businesses today need to include video as part of their online marketing, if only because their competitors are almost certainly already doing it.


A video is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your brand and connect directly with customers. Videos can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.


For example, a television commercial essentially is a professionally produced video that promotes a particular product or brand. But you can often get the same results by simply creating a fun, spontaneous video in which you talk honestly and genuinely about your business, your products, or even yourself.


Short Simple Videos Can Effectively Build Your Brand – Video Distribution


Just a few years ago, getting the videos you produced in front of your customers was kind of a problem. It cost a lot of money to run commercials on TV. And getting people to watch a DVD about your company was practically impossible.


Today, however, getting people to watch your videos is simple. Just post it on social media. Or send a link out via email or text message. You can (and should) even include videos on your company’s website.


Like it or not, video is king. And in order for your business to effectively connect with your customers, it’s critical that you find ways to include videos as part of your marketing.


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