Picking out the color scheme for your website is one of the most important decisions you will make.


Colors have a subliminal effect on your web page visitors. So the best colors for your specific website will depend on what you want to people to do once they land there.


Many businesses will simply choose colors that match those in its logo or products. But there is a lot to learn about the psychology of colors. Before you make any decisions, you should consider the questions of colors carefully.


Improving Conversions


The objective of any website is to get conversions of its visitors. That simply means getting people to do what you want them to do when they arrive on your web page, be it purchase a product, take a poll, sign up for a mailing list, and so on.


Picking the right colors for your target visitors can improve your conversions. For example, women tend to dislike gray, orange and brown and tend to like blue, purple, and green.


Men, on the other hand, don’t like purple, orange and brown but are drawn to blue, green, and black. So if you are marketing to a target audience composed of one particular sex, your color scheme should match its preferences.


The Colors You Choose for Your Website Matter – Color Psychology


Certain colors subconsciously project specific emotions. For example, blue tends to cultivate trust in the page visitor whereas yellow is for warnings.


Green is often best for products related to the environment and the outdoors while orange can create a sense of urgency or impulse in page visitors. Black is often associated with luxury and high value.


Colors help your website express itself visually so that it can appeal to people’s emotions. Choose the right one for your website and you can improve conversions, build customer loyalty, and achieve your objectives.


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