People will return to businesses if they feel as if they have a personal relationship with them.


Think about your own experience: When employees at your favorite coffee shop know your regular order or your local bookstore calls you when your favorite author has a new book out, aren’t you more likely to go back there?


Capturing and storing personal information about your customers can help build trust relationships with them and keep them returning to your online business again and again.


 The Value of Birthdays

One of the easiest types of personal data to capture and store is birthdays. When you ask your customer for their birthday, you can use this data to create special offers, discounts, and other personalized birthday celebrations.


Most people like to have their birthdays recognized and celebrated. Storing a customer’s birthday as a data string in their digital personal information file allows your business to make your customers feel special and strengthen your trust relationship with them.


Monetizing Personal Data with Your Website – Other Personal Data


Birthdays aren’t the only personal information you can collect and store about your customers. Information such the name of the city where they live, whether or not they are married or have children, and where they went to school can be invaluable in building trust bonds.


Product preferences are another great way to let your customers feel as if you know them personally. If they always buy the same products or brands from you, your business can create a personalized marketing plan that will ensure they come back to your website to purchase those products every time.


People like to be recognized and appreciated, even by the businesses they deal with only online. By learning and storing personal information such as birthdays and product preferences, you can build customer loyalty and increase retention.


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