Pretty much since the internet was invented, keywords have been the holy grail of most web page creators. That’s because search engines use keywords to scan through web pages, identify what they are about, and rank them according to how valuable they will be to their users.


Today, however, keywords may not be as significant as they once were. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are more sophisticated than ever. And web users themselves are more advanced as well.,


What Really Matters


Make no mistake: It’s still worthwhile to include great keywords within your web content. But search engines are now looking for something more.


Specifically, Google and the others want to ensure that your web pages contain high-quality content that their users will find useful. Today’s search engines are getting much better at determining what users actually want.


So web users are now typing in longer and more detailed searches into their search engine queries. And the search engine algorithms are taking this detailed data to provide better results more quickly.


Keywords May Not Be as Important as They Once Were – The Appropriate Response


Tha means companies need to place value on optimizing their content based on intent, rather than simply finding great keywords. There are three ways to do this:


Investigate — How are customers finding your website? Why are they choosing your web page over all the others?


  1. Optimize — Based on your research, give people what they want. This will, in turn, attract even more online visitors to your web pages.
  2. Adjust — Continually monitor what is working and what isn’t on your web pages. Ditch anything that doesn’t provide you the results you want and double down on the things they do.


While keywords are still important, everything about the internet is more sophisticated than it used to be. Businesses that roll with these changes are more likely to succeed.

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