When you post a business website on the internet, your aim is for customers to find it easily and quickly. But in order for people to find your website, it has to be appealing to search engines.


Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are what connect customers with your website. So if your website doesn’t provide search engines with what they want, it won’t be ranked high on search engine results pages. And if that happens, people are going to have a hard time finding your business website.


Search Engines Are Measuring and Weighing Your Website – SEO Florida – Search Engines


Like your business, the goal of search engines is to give their customers what they want. So when they scan through the internet looking for new websites, what they are really looking for are those websites that provide the most relevance for their users.


When the come across your business website, search engines use an algorithm to scan through it to measure and weigh its relevance to their users and then assign a rating, or ranking, based on what they find.


Essentially, search engine algorithms are looking for content that their users can genuinely use. But they also are looking at your website’s performance, such as how fast it works and if it is easy to use.


Search Engines Are Measuring and Weighing Your Website – Authority and User Experience


Search engines also want to make sure your website is authoritative. In other words, would people likely to go to your website to seek answers for the questions they have related to your content? If so, or if your website is linked to authoritative sites that do provide answers, it will be ranked higher.


Finally, search engines consider the overall user experience when people land on your website. If your site attractive? Is it easy to navigate around your web pages? Does it look trustworthy? If the answer is “yes” to all these questions, your business website is more likely to rank high on the search engine results pages for people looking for businesses like yours.

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