Thanks to the many all-inclusive web design apps out there, anybody can create and design their own highly effective website that is guaranteed to go viral, right?


Not so fast. Even though places like WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace certainly make it easier to design websites, they don’t do everything … at least not everything you need.


Web sites need to do more than just exist. They also need to look great, be easy to navigate, and easy for people to share.


Language Barrier


One of the first obstacles most amateur web designers face has to do with language. Not English vs. Spanish or another language, but HTML and CSS, the two most popular programming languages in use today.


Effective web design requires knowing how to read, edit, and troubleshoot basic HTML. And to do more with your website, you need to know more.


Photo Editing


Introductory web design sites tout their “drag and drop” photo editing capabilities. But including highly effective photos that both appeal to visitors and drive traffic takes more than just dropping and dragging.


At the very least, you need to know how to crop, size, clean up, and adjust image quality. None of these things are brain surgery, but they are skills web designers use all day, every day.


5 Web Design Obstacles That Could Frustrate You – Making a Print


Wait, this one sounds easy. You just hit the “print” button, right?


Not really. Web design requires you to create and convert design elements so that they are print-ready for flyers to business cards, brochures to press releases.


Key skills including understanding printing resolutions for different media types and colors, working with typefaces and bleeds, and more.


5 Web Design Obstacles That Could Frustrate You – Trusting the Professionals


Learning these and other web design skills is a lot more complicated than the “EZ” websites would have you believe. If web design were really that easy, everybody would do it!


Fortunately, the web design professionals at “Lytron Lead Generation” already have the skills, experience, and knowledge to handle all of your web design needs.

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