The transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing isn’t just a shift from newspapers, TV, and radio to the internet and social media. It’s also a shift from local to global.


When you promote your business online, people from anywhere in the world can view your web pages, social media posts, digital advertising, and other online marketing. And that literally opens up a whole new world for your business.


Think Locally But Market Globally – Unintended Consequences

Owners who don’t think their business appeals to prospective customers outside their local market are often mistaken. With the internet, you never know who is going to land on your website, view your social media posts, or come across your advertisements.


For example, let’s say you own a cupcake shop on South Beach. You might think your only customers are those in your immediate area, most of whom are probably walking by and coming into your store on impulse.


But if you have an optimized website, your business is likely to be found by cupcake enthusiasts worldwide — especially those who are planning to visit Miami in the near future and who may make it a point to put a visit to your business on their trip’s itinerary.


Think Locally But Market Globally – Thinking Big


That’s why it’s always a good idea to think globally when designing your online marketing and promotions. The likelihood that people from other states — and other countries — are going to find your business using specific search keywords (“South Beach cupcake shops”, for example) is high.


Even if you don’t do mail order, the global reach of the internet allows your business to be found by people anywhere, and at anytime.


So don’t limit your business’s potential by playing by the old-fashioned rules that applied to outdated traditional marketing. Today’s business owners need to act locally, but think globally when it comes to their digital marketing.

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