One thing that everybody has is a birthday. It’s the one special day of the year in which your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others commemorate your day with good thoughts, well wishes, and genuine greetings.

While not everybody wants to celebrate their birthday — especially as they get older — they happen every year whether you like it or now.

But birthdays also have substantial commercial value. If you are a small business owner, capturing data such as your customer’s birthdays can be a valuable marketing tool. Sending birthday greetings, exclusive birthday offers, or even small gifts such something free can convert an occasional customer into a lifelong, raving fan of your business.

Birthdays and Employee Relations

Another commercial benefit of birthdays to employers has to do with employee relations. Any successful manager will tell you that the secret to developing a loyal, committed staff is constantly providing rewards and recognitions that employees feel are genuine and meaningful.

Recognizing employees on their birthdays is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. Some companies will have their entire management team or executives sign birthday cards that are sent to employee’s homes on their birthdays.

Other companies will keep track of employee birthdays and commemorate their special days with cakes, lunchtime parties, and other ways to celebrate each individual worker so that they feel special and appreciated.

The Commercial Value of Birthdays – Business Birthdays

It’s not only people who have birthdays. Businesses do as well.

Celebrating relevant anniversaries of the founding of your business with a special sale, exclusive offers, or other marketing promotions is a good way to attract customer loyalty to your brand.

Birthdays are something everybody experiences every year, whether they like it or not. Your business can benefit from birthdays by using these occasions to build customer loyalty, reward and recognize employees, and build your brand via online marketing.

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