What are landing pages and how can they help your business? They are the pages that users land on after clicking on a link or advertisement. You can create specific landing pages for individual PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement campaigns. Instead of simply linking to your product or services page, you can use pages that serve one primary purpose – to convert traffic into sales.


Find out how to use landing pages from to increase your sales.


Landing Pages Allow Focused Marketing


When you have a general web page describing your various products or service, it is hard to appeal to a specific demographic. You never know where your traffic is going to come from, so you need to market towards a general audience. Using landing pages, you can focus on one target audience.


Consider the message you are promoting in your PPC advertisement. What keywords did you include? Build your entire landing page around that one topic. You do not need to fully explain all of your products or services – just the product or service that you are marketing with your advertisement.


Pages Increase Conversion Rates


Convert your internet traffic into concrete sales leads. Your landing page should offer valuable content that engages the reader. They will have likely followed a link from a PPC advertisement or a search query to reach your page.


Since you know exactly what they are looking for, you can offer them the information that they actually need. This means that your visitors are already interested in what you have to offer. As long as your content flows naturally and closes with a solid call to action, you should notice an increase in conversion rates.


Landing pages allow you to get more out of your PPC advertisement campaigns. Increase your value and get more out of your spending on advertising.


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