Getting the attention of the Google search engine is getting harder and harder. With more 10,000 new websites launching every day, there’s more reason than ever to use SEO to attract more page visitors.


Here are five on-page SEO techniques you can use starting today to drive more traffic to your web page:


Stick to a Single Keyword or Topic


Many web page creators try to do too much with their content. Pick the one keyword phrase or topic that is the most likely for people searching for pages like yours to enter into Google and stick with it.


It’s often helpful if you tie your keyword to your geographic location. For example, instead of focusing on “dry cleaners”, use “New York City dry cleaners” to promote your small dry cleaning business in Manhattan.


Don’t Be Strict about Keywords


Google recently changed its algorithm so that it looks for variations of the same keyword, rather than the exact same keyword every time.


If you are using the same verbatim keyword throughout your content to boost your SEO, it can make your content seem stiff and unnatural. Instead, don’t be afraid to use variations that help with the flow.


Page Titles Are Critical


Google will use the title tag to display your page in its search results. So you want to make sure your title tag explicitly states what your page is all about. It may be your one and only chance to get people to click on it.


5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Boost Traffic – Include Natural Links


Google prefers pages that have natural, high-quality inbound links that lead into them from authoritative sources. pay attention the inbound links leading to your page to make sure they are continually growing and that they come from reputable, high-quality websites.


Implement these five SEO techniques on your pages starting right now and you should see more traffic by the end of the day.

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