Despite all the technological developments in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, when it comes to getting attention for your website a great picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Image really is everything. So having great-looking pictures on your web pages will make your business the ones people are more likely to choose. Visitors will see your site as being more approachable, friendly and interactive if they like the pictures you choose.

Choosing the Perfect Pictures – Look Sharp

When uploading images onto your web pages, clarity and sharpness is critical. This is especially true now that most newer mobile devices have retina displays that can show images even sharper than the human eye can process them.

Consider your website’s images to be just as important as its textual content … or even more important! You wouldn’t publish anything on your pages without running SpellCheck or a grammar program, would you? So why would you post pictures that are washed out, gray or grainy?

Choosing the Perfect Pictures – The Perfect Picture

If  you are using photos you shot yourself, make sure they have at least been put through the Auto Correct function of your photo editing program. If possible, use an expert who can improve the look of your photos through cropping, color balancing, and other tools before posting them.

Another option is to use photos that already have been expertly prepared for display on web pages. There are many websites where you can find high-quality stock images you can use on your web pages for a small fee.

If you’re on a budget, consider using royalty-free images that can be found on such places as Wikimedia Commons. In these type of open source websites, you are generally free to use the photos as you want as long as you follow rules regarding attribution and other factors.

Once you include the right photo on your web pages, you will see the result in the number of visitors your page receives, how much longer they spend there, and how likely they are to convert to your call to action.

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