The first thing most people look at when landing on a web page is the headline. If the headline captures their interest, they will be drawn into the content of the rest of the page.


Headline Rule Number 1 — Offer Solutions


The headline of your web page is your first opportunity to begin this process. It needs to offer reassurance to the page visitor that you have what they are looking for. In other words, it needs to offer a solution to whatever problem they are experiencing.


With your headline, you only get one brief moment to get your message across and make a great impression. So there’s no time to beat around the bush. Instead, tell the page visitor exactly what they want to hear.


For example, let’s say you are promoting digital products in the dating and relationships niche for guys looking to learn how to meet more girls.


At Last: “Get Any Girl’s Number in Just Minutes Using this Groundbreaking, Can’t Miss Technique That Works Like Magic!”


This type of compelling headline grabs the visitors’ attention and lets them know you have the solution they are looking for.


How to Create Headlines that Will Attract Click-Throughs – Headline Rule Number 2 — Use Action Words That Build Excitement


If you want the page visitor to continue reading your web page content, use action words that actually push them into continuing.


In the above example, the phrase “At Last” is a way of telegraphing that something unique is coming next and the phrase “Get Any Girl’s Number” uses desire (or the promise of sex) to push the reader into reading the rest of the copy.


Finally, the phrases “Can’t Miss Technique” and “Works Like Magic” build excitement and make them want to learn more.

How to Create Headlines that Will Attract Click-Throughs – Headline Rule Number 3 —  Be a Tease


An effective headline offers solutions, builds excitement, and uses action words to capture the reader’s attention, but it doesn’t always have to just come out and say exactly what it is that you are promoting. Using the same example from above, what if the headline for the same product read:


“Want to Know One Weird Trick that Will Help You Meet More Girls?!”


It informs and promises a solution, but it also captures the interest and imagination of the reader. Teasing the reader without revealing everything in the headline makes them want to keep moving on to your content to find out more.

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