The right images not only bring life to your web pages, they also can make them convert better. People don’t want to simply browse a website. They also want to experience it. When you use the best images, you can boost your site’s conversions and connect better with your target audience.


But there are still plenty of  websites that seem oblivious to the importance of images when it comes to getting the most out of their existing traffic. Here, then, are some top techniques for boosting your conversion rate by being smart about the types of images you use on your web pages:


People Are Ruled by Their Emotions — Most people make a buy decision because they are having an emotional experience. If you can find a way to make your page visitors fee just right, they will take action. Use positive images to bring out positive emotions. These can include such things as a pretty girl smiling or an image that makes people feel warm and fuzzy inside.


The people who land on your pages aren’t dumb. They know what you’re trying to convey with your images. But if you can make them feel happy, proud, wanted or draw out some other positive emotion with your images, they will connect with your web pages and are more likely to follow your call to action.


People Like Cute Mascots — Have you ever wondered why so many companies continue to use cute and cuddly mascots for decades after they were first introduced? It’s because they work. People connect with mascots, so if you include a site mascot on your page, it can be an excellent opportunity to reinforce your branding. Mascots help sites create a powerful image in their audience’s mind. They also are highly memorable.


Mascots can help solidify your marketing motif. They also make it much easier to create the desired emotional effect you want on your web pages. Characters and site mascots act as a type of emotional shorthand that visitors can immediately grasp and hold on to.


The Human Touch – Boost your website’s conversion rate by including human faces on your pages. Images of real people cause your visitors to focus more on your page, drawing them towards a common point of interest.


Validate Your Products — TV commercials are an effective way to get people to buy products because they usually show models, actors or real life people using the product itself. When people are praising products, loving them, going crazy over the, it validates the product in the mind of the viewer.


People want to feel safe before buying anything. They have a built-in need to be convinced that they are making the right decision when they buy. And they fear being wrong. When they see other people being pleased with a particular product, it reinforces the idea that this is something they want and need.


Keep the Focus on Them, Not You — Your customers are interested in themselves. They don’t necessarily care about your product or company. It’s the “me” factor that ultimately can lead to conversions. Show your visitors they are smart to choose your products. Make them feel comfortable with high-quality images. Provide the experience that they arrived on your page to feel. This will open up doors to get more people to convert when they arrive on your pages.

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