The holidays are a special time. Stores and homes are decorated with brightly colored lights. Holiday decorations are hung and displayed both indoors and out. And holiday music fills the air.


Why should web design be left out of the holiday celebrations?


Whether you are working with your own web pages or somebody else’s, the holidays offer a special opportunity to spruce up your pages with special holiday themes and decor that can make them appear more lively and better engage page visitors by adding a little holiday spirit.


Here, then, are some helpful tips on sprucing up your web design with a little holiday cheer:


  • Add Holiday Images, Descriptions to Your Content — Look for special holiday themes you can use just during the holidays. Include photos, illustrations and images that include beloved holiday designs, such as Christmas trees, angels, ornaments, Santa Claus, elves and other fun and engaging things.


  • Feature Special Holiday Products and Categories — Promote products and product categories that are related to the holidays. For many online retailers, for example, the holidays are the busiest time of they year. Consider offering special pricing, free shipping or other promotions for the holidays.


  • Participate in New Holiday Retail Traditions — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and other new retail traditions offer you a special opportunity to add value to the retail experience. Feature specialized web design for each of these events to attract new customers and reward loyal ones.


  • Leverage Social Media — You can promote your special holiday web pages that feature your holiday web design on your social media accounts. Encourage your social media contacts, customers and others to “Like” your pages and help promote your business so that it can go viral and make yours a truly special holiday this year!


  • Create Special Holiday Landing Pages — Use your web design to direct page visitors to special holiday landing pages. Here you can offer special holiday greetings, make special offers, and other holiday-related promotions.


While the rest of the world is celebrating the holidays, there’s no reason why your web design shouldn’t do the same. Use these helpful tips to make your holidays special and rewarding.

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