Pictures really do say a thousand words. So including the right images on your web pages can make all the difference between capturing your page visitor’s attention and having them click off to another site.


The photos you use need to get the message you are trying to express across to the viewer as quickly and effectively as possible. So you shouldn’t just copy and paste a photo onto your web page and hope for the best.


Top photography Editor Programs 


Instead, use a photo editor program such as Microsoft Office, Windows Photo Viewer, Paint, or Photoshop to make your pictures look stunning. Many of these programs come free when you buy bundled software packages, such as Microsoft Office Suite. Others you may have to buy independently.


Most of the photo editor tools are extremely simple to use and don’t require a lot of training or expertise. In fact, most people can figure out how to master them on their own in just a few minutes.


Crop Your photography


The first photo editor tool you should use to improve a photo is the “Crop” function. This allows you to move the frame of the photo wherever you want it to be so that you can remove any boring open spaces and concentrate the eye of the viewer only on what you want them to see.


Some photo editor programs come with an “Auto Correct” button. This lets you automatically improve the colors, balance the blacks and whites, and otherwise improve the way your picture looks instantly.


No More Red Eyes


Red eye removal is another easy to use function included with most photo editor programs. It enables you to salvage photos that otherwise might be ruined by the red eye effect caused by some flash cameras.


With the free or affordable tools available to the beginner or novice web design enthusiast today, it’s easy to make your web pages look great and capture the imagination of your page visitors.

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