When it comes to web design Fort Lauderdale business owners want most, there is a right way to design your pages and a wrong way.


Here are the top 5 most common web design blunders many website creators make:


1. Not Being User Friendly — Customers land on your pages for a reason. If you don’t make it fast, simple and easy for them to get what they came for, they will quickly click off and go somewhere else.


2. Making It Too Easy to Navigate Away from Your Site — The goal of any successful web design is to keep the visitor on the page for as long as possible. If the links on your pages take your visitors to other websites, rather than opening in a new browser window, they may never find their way back to your page.


3.  Being Overly Cutting Edge — Visitors appreciate innovation and cool design, but they will be turned away if your site is too weird or they can’t inherently figure out how to navigate their way around it. It’s okay to be different, but follow standard design conventions.


4. Looking Too Commercial — Obviously, you want your page visitors to buy your products and services. But if your web page looks too much like a commercial, they will change channels quickly.


5. Being Too Hard to Find — If your page titles don’t include your keywords, if your content isn’t optimized, or if your page isn’t ranked in the top spot (or at least the top half of the front page) for your niche keywords, it’s going to be difficult (or even impossible) for your customers to find your page.


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