What is a press release?


It’s a short summary of what your business is all about and what it does to the community or demographic that you are targeting. The number of words may vary from 300-500 words. Not too short that it’ll be unable to explain what you want to your customers to know yet not too long that it will bore readers.  What we want to do is to make it even more widespread, reaching as many as target people on the planet as possible. This will instantly be recorded by the major search engines and made available to MSN News, Google News, the Topixcom, and Ask.com. Press releases are given more priority by media companies and are published ahead of the regular news items.


The Importance Of Press Release Distribution! –  The purpose of the press release is to make customers aware of the importance of the event that you are promoting or the product that you are selling.


It is also responsible for making your company more humane run by people who are socially responsible.  It creates more exposure for your establishment, making it more familiar to the buying public. And once these are prepared and integrated, they will become part of Google News and Yahoo News releases of the day and your information will be disseminated in a matter of minutes to the world.


And you’ll gain more benefits by doing business with us because your press releases will also find its way to any computer owner who has Google alerts set up, which indeed is a huge number of people. Since a lot of people know the importance of Google alert in their research, you will enjoy additional advantages by using other means of press release venues. You have a captured audience in the making. And if that’s not enough, will also find ways to other news outlets including syndicated distributors which will be responsible for feeding your press release directly to the readers. In this manner, more links are created once they’ve been in the internet making it another vehicle for your product’s exposure.


The Importance Of Press Release Distribution! – What should be included in a press release?


Not only the products of course. It should include the new developments in the company such as new products, community activities, any awards being received by the company and more.  So while the Press releases are included in the daily activities of the news organizations already mentioned above, it also becomes part of Google .com organic search within minutes and becomes a part of their search terms. This is really huge. Anyone can click your press release and they instantly become available.


And you will be provided 3 URLs in addition to what you already have. You will also be provided with an anchor text and the suitable keywords of your choice.  Other highly respectable PR sites will include you in their backlinks and this will be a great opportunity for your website to make it to page one. People reading them will treat them just as they are reading the regular news and that makes your press release highly credible devoid of any promotional manipulation.

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