Are you having trouble with your online business? Having some problems with your choice of keywords?


If you took them for granted you will indeed find your business in hot water because what you’re using now is not compatible with your products. Instead of working for you, they are working against you.


Why do you need to have the appropriate or the exact keywords in your web content? Why is it that your present keywords are not getting you the rating that you expect? You’ve been languishing on page 3 for a very long time now or even lower than that and you’re not earning the income that you want so much.


Well, for one thing: keywords are responsible for your customer conversion rate.


And this is the most crucial figure that you should watch because this will decide the future of your online business. Is your business going to continue or not? It’s not the number of visitors that comes surfing to your website that will pay for your operational expenses and buy you’re your products. It’s the number of customers who will find your product good for them and buys them.


So if you have 250 visitors, but only 5 buys from you, which is a lowly 2 percent, your business won’t survive.  And why is this? It’s because your keywords don’t connect to your products at all. When the customers click the keywords, your product is nowhere to be found. Your product keywords aren’t popular or are at the lowest of the list of the possible keywords to use. You have to make sure your keywords are the right ones for your products to be able to earn more sales.


Keywords means a lot if want your website to prominently start on page one of the SERP or the Search Engine Results page. This is where your web pages are rated as a result of the of the SEO query based on your keywords. So if your keywords are not hot to the search engine’s touch, your website will never see the front page at all. If the search engine ignores your keywords, then your website’s online presence will be jeopardized, along with the viability of your business.


The Importance Of Keywords Analysis – Don’t use just any keywords.


Use the ones that best describe your website’s products.  In this connection, using “long tail” keywords, for example will work better than the shorter ones. If your product deals with hair products, don’t use a key word that says hair only. Your product is going to get lost in the enormous number of products that will appear as a result of the query  that don’t have any relationship with what you’re selling. You can use instead something like “hair smoothing cream” or “hair frizz removal lotion”.  Those keywords will point directly to your products.


Remember: you don’t want more customer visits, just more purchases. With many unwanted visitors crowding out your target demographic, they’ll just look for another website which is easier to use.


Your keywords should keep your bottom line highly profitable and should only attract customers that are the buying kind.

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