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We are experts in LEAD GENERATION
Professionalism, Trust, Reliability
Locally Based. National Reach.

Fort Lauderdale Web Design & Lead Generation Agency with over 20 years in business

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Since 2001, our team has developed hundreds of websites for businesses in Fort Lauderdale focusing on lead generation: we make your ideal customer find and choose you. We highlight what is unique about your business and create a powerful voice for your brand inside an over-saturated market. 

Having high visibility but poor credibility – or vice versa – is a waste of your time and money. This is why branding and marketing need to go along together. Being on top is basic, but not enough. 

Technology Attracts Visitors. Psychology Converts them into Leads.

Visibility + Credibility = Sales.

Founded in 2001
300 +
WEB DESIGN projects
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Results Driven

Lytron started as a local website agency based in Fort Lauderdale, and gradually evolved into a full-service local strategic agency offering consulting, brand strategy, internet marketing, and business digitalization.

Are you a business owner in Fort Lauderdale, searching for a web design company to help you grow online? Do you have one of these feelings?

  • You feel tired of being one in a hundred: you work hard and you do it with excellence, but you keep losing good leads.
  • You have a hard time differentiating yourself from your competitors.
  • You get frustrated when your business image doesn’t reflect who you are.
  • You feel you never find the proper time to take care of your business growth.
  • You have many ideas but little action, you don’t know where to start.

Grow Big!

Whether you are simply looking for a local Web Design agency in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities or trying to significantly increase your leads and expand your business’s reach, our team of experienced, professionals web experts will help you achieve the results you are looking for.  We use psychology and technology to help you to grow faster.

Accelerate your business growth.

The potential of a tree lies on its seed.
You need the right soil, hydration and sun exposure.
We have the experience you need!



• Strategic Web Design with Emotional Intelligence to increase conversions
• Results Driven: Increase your leads and local credibility
• Keep consistency:  alignment across all channels, online & offline
• Show Value: Increase your pricing potential
• Save Time: Shorter sales cycle
• Be the Authority: Establish you as the higher authority in your niche
• UVP: Focus on what makes you Unique
• Dominate: highlight your competitive advantages
• Be Authentic – keep it real: Speak to humans and not users
• Be Honest with your Brand Promisses

• High Retention: Help you keep and nurture your loyal customers

Fort Lauderdale business owners choose Lytron because we develop websites that convert users into leads. Our Fort Lauderdale clients appreciate our design style, our friendly atmosphere, and our strategic thinking that take their simple web design project into a lead generating tool.

Big Agencies and Brands are familiar with the archetype framework and its neuroscience strategies. At Lytron we design and develop our websites with your ideal customer in mind. We research your competitors strengths and flaws to be able to differentiate your business and make it stand out. With this emotional brand strategy you will be able to deliver what you promise, by creating a consistent tone of voice that is true and genuine.  We use big brand techniques to advance and grow your business across all channels, starting with your website.


Strategy & Methodology

Hands On Consulting & Process Implementation

Our websites are extremely user-friendly, as we built our system to allow our customers to easily change texts, images, boxes, and even layouts. Together we can quickly adapt the website design based on results we get from the constant analysis. We work with our clients to expedite processes and make changes that will impact and bring the expected results. Most web design agencies in Fort Lauderdale only focus on the web design portion (web layout, images, colors, typography, etc). At Lytron Strategic Agency, we work with market positioning and differentiation, to create a strong brand message and tone of voice that will connect deeper with your audience.

THE IMPORTANCE OF NEUROMARKETING: People use their unconscious minds while making purchasing decisions. We highlight your competitive advantages using our archetypes framework. We develop your brand personality that will match and conquer your targeted audience.

Mickey was not the most beautiful illustration of a mouse, but Walt Disney gave him a personality that enchanted generations. We humanize brands. When people feel related and have an affinity with your brand, they begin to trust it, which leads to sales and growth.

Market Analysis
& Discovery

Branding, Web Design & Credibility

Marketing, Exposure & Visibility

Live Reports & Lead Management

Every Web Design Project is UNIQUE

Results-Driven Fort Lauderdale Web Development Agency: Professional design & strategic marketing for growing businesses. Click to see our web design portfolio.


The Best Web Designers & Strategic Team in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida

We analyze and diagnose each client’s case before proposing a plan of action. We don’t focus on one campaign. The goal is to generate leads. If one strategy is not working as intended, we quickly make improvements.
You will be asked to fill out a briefing to get to know more about your business. Then we will design, develop, optimize, and improve your website for organic results (SEO) with Content Marketing Creation and Distribution, Local Maps, Google Ads, Social Media & Email Automation.

We’ve been working in Fort Lauderdale as a web design and marketing agency for two decades. We will put you on top and track your calls to make sure your phone is ringing.

  • You will own your website 100%.
  • You will have our support WhatsApp number so you can contact us even after business hours during emergencies.
  • All of our clients have responsive website design, mobile friendly, which is essential for mobile conversions.

Check our Portfolio Page to see the Best local Fort Lauderdale Web Projects you can find!

What our clients have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we start designing your website, we analyze your competitors, and perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) to be able to draft a strategic plan based on your industry and competitive research. We also analyze your ideal customer,  to make sure we will speak on their needs and motivations. We try to understand their fears and traumas to present your products and services as a solution. Many sites will only display technical info and bullet points with services. Our goal is to connect on a subconscious level by using the archetype framework.


No, all the fees related to your web design project, support and marketing are disclosed on the proposal and contract for your peace of mind.

If you are found on top of Google, will your potential customers hire you instead of your competitors? How do you show your competitive advantages? What is unique about your Fort Lauderdale Business? What does your client want and need? These are questions we try to answer when designing a website for you.

Customer service, WhatsApp access connected to our support’s team, monthly hosting, annual domain renovation, unlimited emails, 3 premium emails, daily backup, security remediation, site updates (text, images, plugins when needed or requested).

We focus on generating leads by being a Full Service Agency. It takes an entire process of web design techniques, brand positioning and marketing  strategies to achieve our goal. Therefore, we may constantly change the website and campaigns structure to achieve higher ROI. We track and listen to your calls to help you to better convert website visitors into customers. We differentiate you to help you to dominate your market.

Yes, you own your site 100% with codes and all.

We have packages to fit small businesses budgets. Your website is the epicenter of your digital strategy. If your site is not selling for you, showing your competitive advantages and inspiring trust, you can have the best campaigns, they won’t convert well. What is the cost of inaction? We try to teach our clients that they must have a clear goal and strategic plan to get there in order to get a higher ROI. Sometimes paying for a web design project just because it is cheap, will lead you to poor performance. Having said that, our clients say our prices are fair and they only pay a tiny fraction of what we bring back to them.

The majority of our clients don’t know anything about digital strategies. It is ok. That’s why you need web designers with experience in working with SEO and marketing team. Our meetings with our clients have the purpose to educate them. We provide knowledge to help you to expand your Fort Lauderdale business, as you learn to make conscious decisions about your digital and brand strategy.